How You Like Me Now, Girly?

The theme of this page continues from an entry titled » Now I'm Warmed Up (4 July 2021).

Seven years ago today I posted an entry titled » Flirting in the Digital Age (1 Aug 2014).

I used the 100-year anniversary of the beginning of World War One .. as the date for that entry.

"What does the beginning of World War One have to do with flirting in the digital age?" you ask?

That's a good question.

I remember how quickly that entry took me out of my comfort zone and sent me wandering into new pastures, new writing pastures .. for a number of reasons.

» Only Entry I Could Not (Did Not) Wrap

It is the only entry that I never did wrap .. that I could not complete. I simply labeled the first page » Part 1/x and the second » Part 2/x.

It is difficult to wrap an ever-expanding thing. When you finally get your writing rope wrapped around most of this thing ..

.. you find yourself standing there with the other end of your rope lying on the ground over there, and you discover that your writing has grown too large for your rope.

So you go at it again. And again. And you keep coming up short.

Failure brings lessons with it, and I did indeed learn some valuable things there. Some valuable writing lessons .. about how to better deal with topics that challenge me and demand that I up my game.

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» Flirting with Industrial-Strength Talent that Inspires You to Up Your Game to New Heights

I used the lessons that I learned flirting with Lauren .. on other super-hotties who have inspired me to up my game.

They know who they are.

Blackpink in my area | Lisa and Rosé asking me 'How I like that?' t=1:04 (26 June 2020)

These Blackpink girls ooze realness from every pore. When Blackpink is in your area, you know it.

They are huge. This video is a year old, and already has nearly a billion views.

I saw a video recently of the top 20 songs that have garnered 100 million views the fastest. And this song right here, How You Like That? was ranked #3.

What does that feel like? They are bigger than just K-Pop, which is already huge. They are a global phenomena. (And they obviously know it.)

In real terms this phenomenon says that these artists speak to large numbers of people, large numbers of fans, in ways that their fans find meaningful.

They touch their fans in ways that speak to them .. and in ways that are meaningful to them.

These Blackpink girls give me a very zeitgeisty vibe. More than any other group. Am I the only one who feels this way?

I don't want to get carried away with these Blackpink girls (.. which would be only too easy). But I could not resist bringing them in with an entry titled like this one.

When I first saw this music video, I thought, "Oh, these girls are feeling me." They actually make me feel less alone in the world.

But this is exactly what I say to these industrial-strength, ultra-talented super-hotties when I am flirting with them .. when I am feeling myself.

» That's What Crazy People Think

I probably shouldnt say this .. but the parts where Lisa does her grunting thing that she does .. at t=1:00 and t=1:01 .. she's doing that at me.

It's a very pronounced sound. You can't miss it. She makes sure that you can't miss it.

Here is where the voices in my head will say, "Dude, you know that's what crazy people think, right? That industrial-strength super-hotties like Lisa are sending them secret messages in their songs. Okay, Mr. Fantasy .. as long as you are aware of it, then I'm doing my job. Have a nice day. Say hi to Nietzsche for me."

She knew that that would get my attention. (And it did.) "How did she know?" you ask?

The short answer is » Little Mix.

» You Have Never Seen Anything the Likes of Them Before

Lisa just brings it so strongly, so hard. She is obviously not scaird of me. None of these young girls are scaird of me.

Have you see any of her dance choreographies? She is a gigantic talent. (And she knows it).

Anytime that you watch Lisa performing, you keep catching yourself saying, "Wow" a lot. She is definitely a wow girl.

Half the internet loses its mind every time Lisa releases a new choreo. She impresses me .. in a number of ways. An increasingly large number.

All four of these Blackpink girls are enormously talented. (Hi Lisa. Say hi to the girls for me. I have been to Korea - twice.)

You have never seen anything the likes of them before. They have put in the work .. the work that you need to do in order to become the real deal.

Much respect. You cannot buy what these girls have .. their realness. I don't care how much money you have.

When they bring the savagery .. they are not pretending. They are not acting. They are merely revealing a side of themselves, an aspect of themselves, that is legit in ways that most folks can't even fathom (..because they have done the work).

This is why they blow minds on such a global scale.

» Her First Solo Release

Oh, look at her here » Lalisa (9 Sept 2021) .. her first solo release. Wow.

Lisa from Blackpink | Lalisa song release, image from Genius lyrics page (10 Sept 2021)

She is feeling me .. in a big way. I can see that I will have to flirt with her.

I have never seen anything the likes of her before. Good thing that I just up'ed my game for Ariana.

She has never seen anything the likes of me before .. and now I am all warmed up, too.

Okay, I have given her her own page. You have to give her what the hell she wants, you know.

See here » Feeling Heard and Understood and Appreciated by Someone You Respect and Admire (22 Oct 2021).

» Latina-Chicks are Just the Most Sexually-Aggressive Boss Chicks

Speaking of industrial-strength talent that is not scaird .. no entry with a title like today's title would be complete without at least mentioning Becky G.

It could just be anecdotal, but my experience has been .. that latina chicks are just the most boss chicks ever. They will bring right to you .. right to your doorstep

Wait. What I talking about? Oh yeah .. I remember. I was talking about flirting with industrial-strength super-hotties who inspire me to up my game.

(I can't help but wonder here how Ms Lauren might be doing these days. She is graduate of the Northwestern school of Journalism, just like Gillian Flynn.)

Flirting with industrial-strength super-hotties has been a continuing theme for me and my writing excursions here ..

.. particularly with women who inspire me to up my game. (By challenging me in a myriad of ways.)

» When Patterns Assert Themselves and Come into Play

Now, if I were to sit down and write something on the topic of Flirting every year here on August 1st .. eventually this would establish a pattern.

It would create a routine. There would be this periodic thing occurring periodically .. upon which you could place some degree of confidence .. upon which you could depend, more or less.

There are both positive and negative aspects to routines. Routines can last for only a short time (temporary) or they can be last for a long time (eternal).

» Somebody Got It

I do not want to delve into the topic of routines right now. I simply want to drop this marker here, which will make it easier for me to return to later on.

But I want to share with you a routine that I know about .. that I have learned about .. that I have come in contact with .. that I have become aware of.

When I write that (sadly) » The Darkness Didn't Get It (19 June 2021) .. this does not mean that nobody got it. No.

Somebody got it. Somebody got the light. Somebody got me. Somebody got what I am about.

There is somebody out there right now reading this thing and they can hear a voice in the back of their head, saying, 'That's me he's talking about.'

Elihu knows what I am talking about.

» Oh I Love These People

Now not always, but certainly sometimes, I will catch myself saying, "Oh, I love these people" .. whoever they are. Whoever they might happen to be.

These people who are responsible for choosing, and for se_lecting, the scriptures each week.

I am referring here to the folks who are responsible for choosing the scriptures that are designed to shed light on the particular topic that is under consideration for the week.

The folks who are responsible for choosing the scriptures that are designed to shed light on the topic which is being addressed and explored for the entire week.

They know who they are.

Now these are human beings who are choosing these scriptures each week .. and they might be different folks every week. I do not know.

They are naturally going to use their own intuition, and their own opinions, and their own life experiences .. when it comes to choosing the scriptures that they choose each week. No?

» Folks Who Make You Feel Less Alone in the World

It is a wonderfully satisfying feeling when we feel like people get us .. like people understand us .. when we feel like we have encountered like-minded souls.

It makes you feel less alone in the world.

Especially for me this is a wonderfully satisfying feeling .. because most people don't get me. And I completely understand why they might not.

There are very few people who make me feel less alone in the world. I am talking about people who understand me and who like me and who appreciate me and who make me feel good about myself.

» How Do I Know that this Guy is Not Completely Full of Shit?

Now, a curious sort-of-fellow (like myself) might be wondering here, "How does he know what he knows? And is what he knows worth a shit?"

These are valid questions to pose, I would have to admit.

The answer to these questions, my friend, contains the reason why I am dropping this marker here. (One of the reasons, anyway.)

Some paths require considerable preparation before embarking upon. Because the way is unknown, and fraught with danger.

And it might be miles to go before you sleep .. before you will arrive at a place of safety, once again.

But the fact that this topic is coming here in this page .. the existential fact .. this speaks to me. This says things to me.

"What kind of things?" you ask?

» The Moral Spectrum of Life is Full of Many Amazing Patterns that Repeat Periodically

The pattern of which I speak begins anew tomorrow (Monday, August 2) with the label (title) » Spirit.

Currently, this week's pattern is labeled » Love (26 July) .. a topic about which I happen to know quite a bit.

Next week, the pattern will be labeled » Soul (9 August). Here is another topic about which I happen to know some things.

» Those in the Know Will Know

I could write untold volumes on the Master Pattern that contains these labels, these categories, these titles .. because I have much experience exploring things along these very lines.

But folks who are familiar with this particular overarching pattern will know right away what I am talking about. And that is really what matters at this point.

I am not the one who gave these labels, these titles, to these particular weeks. No. There is a story behind the naming that accompanies these weekly labels which repeat twice-a-year, or every 26 weeks.

» An Abundance of Firsthand Experience, and Personal Conversations, are the Things that Allow You to Speak to a Given Topic with the Authority that Accompanies Authenticity

I have enormous amounts of firsthand exploration along these lines, along these corridors.

And you know how I am a curious sort-of-fellow, who likes to explore things .. that he finds along the path of life.

The fascinating path of life. (Fascinating because of the fascinating people who you encounter along this path called life.)

Just when you are certain that you have seen it all .. life will prove you wrong.

You know how I like to explore things and ask questions and stick my nose into places where it probably doesnt belong.

And you know how people like to tell me things .. probably because I am such a good listener.

These are the things that allow a person to speak to a given topic with the authority that accompanies authenticity. I bet that Keke knows what I am talking about.

It would be easy for me to go deep in a hurry here and get carried away, but I simply want to say that just because the darkness didn't get it, doesnt mean that nobody got it.

» Sometimes I Think the Writer-in-Me is Really Searching for a Muse when I Flirt with Women Who Inspire Me

Because right now I want to talk about flirting with industrial-strength talent. I want to talk about flirting with girls and with women who inspire you to up your game.

When I flirt with inspiring women who happen to catch my eye, my attention, for some reason or other ..

.. pause for effect ..

.. I sometimes think that the writer in me is really secretly looking and searching for a muse.

I mean, this is what a muse does, right? A muse inspires (by whatever means necessary) the artist to do his best work and grow as an artist.

Near the end of the second page, I actually broach the topic of a muse. Going back and reading it now, it sounds like I was trying to recruit her.

It seems obvious to me that .. if I am going to write more than a single page about you, or about the something that you might've said or something you might've done .. then clearly you inspire me in some way.


Yes, of course. I mean, it's not like I am trying to keep my sense of admiration and respect a secret.

I am getting ahead of myself .. but I simply want to sprinkle a little sparkly flirting dust in the air.

I want to leave a little suggestive flavor floating in the currents on this page .. as a way to help set the right tone.

Super-hotties like it when you do shit like this, you know .. when you toss a handful of flirting dust up into the air. (Ask me how I how.)

» Ariana Takes a Breath Between Hums While Creating a Trancey Loop Live Right Before Our Very Eyes

Speaking of talented and gifted industrial-strength super-hotties who inspire me to up my game ..

Girly, I paused you here at t=0:45 when you take a breath between hums.

Ariana takes a breath betweens humms at t=0:45 while creating a loop to be used in singing Positions live Vevo (22 July 2021)

There are many moments during this performance that I could've easily began with. So I am surprised that I began here.

When I am searching for a tone-setting intro, whether it happens to be an image or a title or a heading or whatever ..

.. here I am primarily searching for what feels right .. as opposed to what might be provocative.

If the text that I am writing in a given section, or in a given entry .. if the text happens to be strong or heavy or hard-to-handle (like me), then I will naturally tone down the title or the image .. as a way to strike a balance.

If the text happens to be lighter or more playful, then I can wax more provocative or more flirtatious or more erotic.

Again, balance is the thing I am searching for. The writer in me.

In thinking about this now .. about the image that I se_lected from your performance of Positions .. from your Vevo live performance. (You know the performance I am talking about.)

In thinking about this now .. in light of all the images that are available .. I feel most comfortable with you taking a nice, big breath.

The humming that you do here is very trancey for me. I can feel myself going down the escalator of peaceful tranquility.

This is exactly the sort of thing that caused me to think, "Oh, I like this girl. She makes me feel good."

Sometimes when a singer is singing a quieter type of song, you can hear them taking a breath. I love this sound. I think singers usually try to avoid such things .. because you don't hear it very often.

It is like when a guitar player runs his fingers up or down the strings.

A live performance is a different animal than a recorded studio set, where you have unlimited takes.

There is an unforgiving aspect to the live set. If you fuck up, it will probably be captured for all posterity.

I saw this thing one time where your shoe got caught in the pants-leg of one of your dancers, and it looked like you went down pretty hard.

But you got right back up and kept singing like it was nothing. That was when the voice in the back of my head said, "This girl is not as fragile as she looks."

Everybody knows by now that you come prepared. You are a total professional.

This thing here where you are literally creating an audio loop right before our very eyes (live, no less) .. this is very cool. This is total boner-city.

It is like you are allowing your audience to see further and deeper into Ariana the artist. It is so cool that I am not sure that I can even put it into words.

'Heaven' would be an easy way to say it. And I have heard a number of reviewers use that exact word.

It feels very intimate. It feels like a vulnerable thing. Does it feel vulnerable to you? I mean, you make it look so easy.

When I see you doing things like this .. I cannot write just any ol' thing. No. Now I am going to have to up my game.

I am going to have to respond with something that is worthy of such a performance. With something that rises to the occasion.

You certainly inspire me, but you also challenge me. The challenge feels very different from the inspiration.

When I feel challenged, I can respond in one of two ways. I can respond, or I can pussy out .. because I dont feel like I have what I need to respond adequately.

When I saw this performance, I didnt feel like I had what I needed to respond in kind. Here is where the artist can use recycled tricks.

Because recycled tricks are tricks you already know .. that you have already learned. But I cannot use tools and tricks from my toolbox. No.

Rather I will need some fresh realness. But the artist does not just 'get' fresh realness. No.

You dont actually pay for fresh realness, nor can you .. but that's the way it feels sometimes. It feels like you have to pay for your fresh realness.

You feel me, girly.

This is the end of this page. ■

To be cont'd...

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