Let's Not Forget that it Wasn't a Group of Afghans or Iraqis Who Crashed Those Hijacked Planes into the WTC Towers Twenty Fucking Years Ago

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» Who Will Deny that the Decision to Invade Afghanistan Twenty Fucking Years Ago was a Mind-Blowing Blunder of Unfathomable Proportions Based on One Fabricated Lie After Another?

Speaking of the time when all becomes clear to even the most willingly self-deluded of souls .. (pause for effect) ..

.. I wonder what fmr Joint Chiefs chair adm Mike Mullen thinks about the painfully-obvious reality of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan .. you know, the Graveyard of Empires.

Fmr Joint Chiefs chair Adm Mike Mullen tells Martha Raddatz that he was wrong to boost troop levels in Afghanistan, and that we should've gotten the fuck out of there 10 years ago. This Week ABC News (22 Aug 2021)

It is just one self-inflicted catastrophe after another with the decisions that our government makes.

What is it about Washington that seems to suck the brains out of people .. so that they cannot see the obvious reality staring them so plainly in the face?

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» The Reason Why Bush, Obama and Trump All Misled (Intentionally Deceived) the American People for 20 Years about How the War in Afghanistan was Really Going .. is Because They Don't Want Us to Know How Truly Clueless They Actually Are

I wonder what Craig Whitlock thinks about this. I wonder what he thinks about admiral Mullen's admission.

The Afghanistan Papers | At War with the Truth | How the government lied and misled the American people about the progress of the war in Afghanistan by Craig Whitlock WaPo (Dec 2019)

Craig should write a book about the colossal strategic fuck-up that invading Afghanistan has become.

What that? You say he already has .. and that his new book is scheduled to be released at the end of this month? Perfect timing, Craig.

» Is it Better for Us-the-People to Continue to Believe the Pretty Deception, or that We Learn the Ugly Truth?

I like it when We-the-People get to see how the sausage is really made .. as ugly, and as disappointing, as that revelation might be.

It is always better, is it not, to know the truth, as ugly as it might be .. than to continue to be deceived by deceptive people into believing a lie? A pretty lie, but still a lie.

The pretty lie that Us-the-People were told was that we were continuing to make progress in Afghanistan. The ugly truth is that we werent. (Because our leaders are really just clueless incompetents who are afraid of looking weak, or like a big pussy.)

And nobody likes to look like they don't have a clue. It's totally understandable. Completely irresponsible .. but understandable nonetheless.

» Why was the Saudi Government's Support for the 9/11 Hijackers Kept Secret from Us-the-People for Twenty Fucking Years?

Speaking of learning the ugly truth .. look at this.

The Biden administration just released (on 11 Sept 2021) a long-secret FBI document into the connection between the 9/11 hijackers and the Saudi government's support for them.

FBI releases long-secret document into connections between the 9/11 hijackers and Saudi government ABC News (12 Sep 2021)

Why were Us-the-People not given this crucial bit of info earlier? Like twenty years earlier?

» Why Did George Keep Secret from Us-the-People the Facts Concerning Saudi Government's Support for the 9/11 Hijackers?

Why did it take twenty fucking years for Us-the-People to learn this info? And why is it still so heavily redacted?

It's because George didnt want to invade Saudi Arabia. Because his oil buddies live in Saudi Arabia. His rich oil buddies. (Remember that George is really about the money.)

George obviously has a soft spot in his heart for oil people. It's obvious why this is.

I didnt think that I could ever feel like George was even a bigger piece-of-shit than he already was. But now, I can see that I was wrong.

Even now, the Bush administration continues to make the Keystone Cops look like a professional, state-of-the-art, well-oiled machine.

Are you still so convinced, George, that you made the correct decision? If you could go back and do it all over again, would you still make all those same mistakes that you made as president?

You were an incompetent, irresponsible, Dunning-Kugerite of a president.

» The Deceptive One Who Came and Stole and Killed and Destroyed

Everybody knows that you actually lost the 2000 election to Al Gore, but that your friends in Florida stole it for you .. not unlike Trump tried to do.

This is yet another example of how and your administration established the pre-conditions necessary for a Trump-like Fascist to rise.

You and Trump were born a week apart. This is obviously how people of your generation think.

Srcipture says, you know, that the thief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. This is you, George. This verse of scripture has your name all over it.

Because you stole. Then you killed. And then you destroyed. And your kept killing and destroying for a long time.

You are such a colossal fuck-up, George. I bet that you have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time.

» It Does Indeed Seem Like They Become Possessed by Something Demonic as They Embrace These Bizarre Ideologies

Before the writing excursion that I did over at the Apocalypse page (Friday-the-13th of August), I was writing in a page titled » How Can QAnon Still be Such a Powerful Delusion? (19 Aug 2021) ..

.. about how » Dostoevsky's novel titled Demons (1872) is a book about how people become possessed by the bizarre ideas of a bizarre ideology .. to the point that they seem to become demon-possessed.

Farfetched as this idea might sound .. and yes, it does indeed sound like something straight out of the Twilight Zone .. I can confirm, my friend, existentially-speaking, that this is exactly the way it seems.

If I hadnt seen it for myself (unpleasant as those experiences might've been) .. then I don't think that the theme of Dostoevsky's novel would ring true for me.

» Shakespeare, Tolstoy & Kafka All Place Three Titles on the Best-Ever List

It might be worth noting here that Dostoevsky's novel Demons is listed as one of the 100 best books ever written. In any language. Ever.

I couldnt help but notice that Shakespeare, Tolstoy and Kafka all place three titles on this Best Ever list .. but only Dostoevsky places four.

You've heard of Shakespeare, right? You've heard of Tolstoy, yes? How about Kafka? Heck, Kafka's writing have actually generated a new English word » kafkaesque.

» Why Would Somebody Who Spent Their Whole Life in Church Live Their Life in a Way that has Already Been Judged and Condemned?

Even after seeing all this bizarre behavior for myself, up close-n-personal, I still don't understand why an adult who should know better (because they have spent their entire life in church) ..

I can't understand why somebody who grew up in a church .. would choose to live their life in such a way as to resonate with things that have » already been judged and condemned.

I am talking about obvious stuff .. things that even a Catholic boy would know is morally wrong.

» Your Life Will Continue to Speak of Your Values and Your Morals Even After You Are Dead-n-Gone Forever

When you draw your last breath, my friend, and that day is coming for sure. For certain. Because everybody knows that nobody gets out of here alive.

When you draw your last breath, the way that you have lived your life will continue to speak .. because the consequences of our actions continue to reverberate in the world even after we are dead-n-gone forever.

Your life will continue to tell a story even after you are dead .. and have become food for worms. (I feek like I am simply stating the obvious here.)

Your life will speak about what you did with it. It will speak of your values and your morals .. because your values and your morals determine your decisions. They determine your actions. They determine how you live your life.

You'll see what I mean .. sooner or later.

The existential fact that I am writing this stuff here about these topics here .. in a page with a title like this one .. this is not a good sign for somebody.

Because thing I wrote over on the other page was about how » the much-touted apocalypse is actually a grand revelation where all becomes clear to even the most willingly self-deluded of souls.

Remind me to talk about the times when the thought passes through my mind » "Oh, that can't be a good sign."

Now sometimes these omens will be about my own life. But sometimes they are about the lives of others.

If I see somebody on a path that I can see will bring them much harm and damage and destruction, and maybe even kill them .. should I warn them?

How far should I go in my warnings?

For me, for a part of me .. my writing here today ties manifest EVIL to the decision of the Bush administration to invade Afghanistan 20 fucking years ago.

The thing about manifest evil, my friend, is that » it has already been judged and condemned. Key word » already.

It is already a done-deal. Manifest evil is already fucked. On a scale that you cannot possibly know.

Don't say that I didnt try to warn you.

» Is Anybody Really Surprised that Bush, Obama and Trump All Intentionally Deceived the American People for Twenty Fucking Years About the Progress of the War in Afghanistan?

Is anybody really surprised that our government willfully and intentionally misled Us-the-People for twenty years about the true status of the war in Afghanistan?

Let me know if you find somebody who is genuinely surprised.

» Scripture Teaches that this is Exactly What the Devil Does

Scripture says, you know, that this is exactly what the Devil does. The Devil intentionally deceives people. He intentionally misleads human beings.

(He is obviously very good at what he does. God knows he's gotten enough practice at it over the years .. at deceiving the willing, and misleading the weak-minded.)

You'll see what I mean. Sooner or later, you'll see exactly what I am talking about. I can almost hear the weeping and the gnashing of teeth now .. coming from the land of the hypocrites.

» Katie Porter Should be Our Next President

Katie Porter would never do stupid shit like this. That's why she should be our next President.

If she is not listed on the next Presidential ballot, then I am just going to write her in. I am not voting for any more Establishment candidates .. because they have all been bought by, and are owned by, people who only care about the money.

We-the-American-People desperately need people in Washington to make command-level decisions who have not already been bought by Billionaires and by multi-national corporate titans, who only really care about the money.

» There is a Fatal Flaw that has been Baked into the Value-Structure of this Entire Older Generation

There is a fatal flaw, you know, that has been baked into the value-structure of this entire older generation .. who spent their formative years in the Great Depression, or in its value-deforming shadow.

Donald Rumsfeld was born in 1932, right at the beginning of the Great Depression, where he spent his formative years.

It is a fatal dysfunctional that has been baked into the value-structure of this entire older generation by the effects of the Great Depression.

Numsfeld was born in 1932 .. right at the beginning of the Great Depression, where he spent ALL of his formative years. (Key word » formative.)

Even when Donny-boy was nothing more than a twinkle in his daddy's eye, and even when he was just a baby growing in his mommy's belly .. even then the Great Depression was already raging outside.

I bet that Donny could hear some of effects of that raging that was going on outside his nice, warm, protected environment.

In retrospect we can all see now that Numsfeld was obviously a clueless Dunning-Krugerite who was really only about the money.

But notice also, dear reader, that Secretary Numsfeld was clearly a product of the Great Depression if ever there were one. (Because it's not a coincidence.)

The result of this fatal flaw, of this fatal dysfunction .. is that they are unable to see the world, or anything in the world, except in terms of money.

I know that it sounds preposterous, but the way they see the world is such that, if there is money to be made, then all moral guard-rails are ignored.

Somebody show me the moral line that folks who grew up in the shadow of the Great Depression will not cross.

You can't do it because it doesnt exist. (I wish I were wrong about this.)

» They Do Not Value the Things that Us-the-People Value

This is where their value-structures have become warped so badly. They don't value the things that they should .. things such as the planet and our democracy and our children and their education and our health care. Should I continue?

This is because they see money as the true and only answer to everything .. to all their problems.

Money is obviously the most important thing to them. At least, this is what their actions say. Every day this is what their actions say to us. (And everybody knows that actions speak louder than words.)

It is completely understandable. The Great Depression was a very dark period in the history of America that lasted for a long-ass time. It lasted an entire decade.

A decade is a long-ass time for a toothy economic crocodile to be gnawing on your ass.

It was a time, an era, an episode in our country's history, that rose (fell?) to the level of an existential crisis. Heck, folks didnt know if it would ever end.

An existential crisis, my friend, if you don't know already (pause for effect) is when your very existence is threatened.

"Threatened with what?" you ask?

Threatened with the arrival of your END. An existential crisis is when something arrives that threatens to END you.

If not totally and completely (your end), then at least in some meaningful way.

The more meaningful of a threat .. then the more distressing and dark this existential crisis will become to you.

As a thought experiment, I sometimes try to ponder the notion of something that is able to end you so thoroughly and compltely .. (pause for effect) ..

.. that no record of you having ever existed could ever be found. Anywhere. No matter how thorough and comprehensive your investigative techniques might be. (Searchlight, props.)

Do you think that such a thing is even possible? I mean, I certainly can't see how something like this happen. But this in-no-way means that it cannot be done.

I admit, dear reader, that I sometimes catch myself thinking about some crazy shit.

Nietzsche had some crazy-sounding thoughts himself. So he wrote them down and put them in a book (or two) .. and then he went stark raving mad. Crazy. Bonkers.

If you read after Nietzsche, even just a little, you can quickly see where he was headed. And it becomes clear why he might've went mad.

I don't know why the older generation cannot see their fatal dysfunction. I dont understand why they refuse to acknowledge how badly warped their value-structure has become. How morally warped it obviously is.

Perhaps this is because they have been getting the younger generation to pay for the consequences of their dysfunctional flaw.

They are stealing from their kids .. so that they can continue to act like they know what the fuck they are doing.

When everybody can plainly see that they are just clueless incompetents, who, like little children, refuse to accept responsibility for any of their clueless decisions.

This is the end of this page. ■

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