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» Is a Leader with a Functioning Moral Compass Too Much to Ask for?

This is why I cannot support the Democratic party. They are currently led by someone with a broken moral compass and a badly mangled value-structure .. and she doesnt even realize it. (Because she doesnt get it.)

Katie Porter would make an infinitely better Speaker than Nancy Pelosi. Because Katie Porter still has a functioning moral compass and a value-structure that hasnt been warped and mangled.

Katie Porter asks billionaire bank CEO Jamie Dimon why he can't find the money to pay his employees a livable wage. NowThis (16 Apr 2019)

Surely Katie Porter is able to see those things that Nancy Pelosi obviously cannot.

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» The Refusal of these Myopic Octogenarians to Retire to Make Way for New Political Blood is a Freakish Anomaly Never Before Witnessed in Our Nation's History

This is yet another reasons why she needs to retire and go home ..

Graph of the rise in climate temps tracking alongside a graph of the rise in the release of greenhouse gasses (29 Sep 2020)

.. and take her shitty values with her. How long has she been in congress?

I think she arrived in the early 80's. According to the above posted charts, her arrival in congress coincides perfectly with the rise in greenhouse gasses and in global temperatures.

By refusing to hand over power to younger lawmakers, the values of her generation are dooming the future.

Bobcat fire spreads to 91K acres two weeks after erupting in the San Gabriel mtns ABC7 (20 Sep 2020)

And she doesnt even give a shit.

» It is a Freakish Thing We are Witnessing in Our Government Right Now

This is an extraordinary thing we are seeing. It is an anomaly extraordinaire.

Graphic of generational timelines for the Western world

Never before in our nation's history has the average age of our key leaders been so old.

Donald Trump was the oldest person ever (OPE) to be sworn in as president .. until Joe Biden took office.

Our last two presidents have been the two oldest people ever to be sworn in as president.

There has never been anything even remotely similar to today's political anomaly .. where these ancient ones flat refuse to go home ..

.. despite signs of senility setting in, sometimes even signs of advanced senility that have been setting in for some years now. You know who I am talking about.

Dianne Feinstein is old and senile and has no business being in the Senate, where we so badly need our best-n-brightest minds right now (11 Dec 2020)

It's very sad. It's very sad for our nation .. this sacrificing the future so today they can continue to spend what is not theirs.

Dianne Feinstein was born in June of 1933.

There are many metrics by which we could gauge the severity of the suffering of the Great Depression. But one of these metrics would certainly be the level of the stock market. Seems good as any to me.

The stock market bottomed out In July of 1932, the year before Ms. Feinstein was born.

Even while Dianne was still an unborn baby there in her mommy's belly .. even then, the Great Depression was already raging outside.

It was already raging outside her warm, protective bubble .. where everything just seemed so safe and warm and wonderful. (Which is still the problem with her right now.)

My point is to say that I think it would be safe to say that she was conceived at, or near the greatest depths of the Great Depression. No?

This seems intuitively obvious to me, but I don't want to take anything for granted. Because the bases are loaded and Casey's at bat. Time to change the batter.

It was actually time to change the batter a long time ago.

Right now America needs her best and her brightest and her strongest and her wisest .. not her worst (most corrupt) or her dimmest (such as the clueless dimwits from the Dunning-Kruger administration of George W Bush) or her weakest and most frail or her oldest.

Give me fucking break, people. I know that I am not alone in my views and in my perspectives.

This is particularly true when they are only there for the money. For the easy money. They do not want to have to actually work for a living, no. They do not want to sweat like you-n-me for their money.

» You Must Admit that the Silent Generation had a Pretty Shitty Go of It During Their Most Vulnerable and Formative Years

You must admit, folks, that the Silent Generation (1928-1945) did indeed have a pretty bad go of it.

I am talking about their most vulnerable and formative years. And all through no fault of their own, either.

Rather, they were born into this ugliness. This historic ugliness that was so ugly that nobody wanted to talk about it.

The wanted to forget it ever happened. If you talked about it, then you reminded them that it did indeed happen for real.

And nobody had any idea how to deal with all this ugliness that had been baked into their lives, beginning from before they were even born.

It was simply too much for them to process at the time. It was much easier to just pretend like it never happened and do their best to move on with their lives.

I mean, first they had the Great Depression .. which was such an ugly thing that lasted so incredibly long that folks gave up hope that things would ever get better.

Then the Great Depression ended, and they had World War II. You know, Hitler and the Nazis and concentration camps and the 'ethnic-cleansing' of the Holocaust ..

.. to name just a few of the highlights from their most formative years.

So it is no big surprise they are so fucked up. So morally and ethically fucked up.

Heck, I would be surprised if they weren't so fucked up. You would be fucked up, too, if you lived through that shit.

It is no wonder to me that their deepest and strongest values have become so distorted and bent and warped and mangled and broken over the years. I get it, folks.

This is why they need to retire and go home and take their shitty values with them. They need to take their warped, dysfunctional, shitty values with them ..

.. to make way for people who actually still have a functioning moral compass. And not one that has been broken into a thousand tiny pieces long ago.

Please do the right thing and go home .. before it's too late. It might already be too late. You are only continuing to hurt things.

» Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

You know, dear reader, I was searching for the moral line that the white evangelical would not cross for the Donald .. and I ran into Nancy Pelosi.

Imagine that. What a coincidence. Stranger shit has happened.

They are all part of the same batch of shitty values that were all born around the same time. The core of these same values is shared by Hillary and Nancy Pelosi and Trump and George Bush.

If they were in charge when they heard about the seven fat years followed by the seven lean years .. they would say, "Let's party for seven years and let the other party worry about the seven lean years."

They would say things like "Let's fatten our own storehouses for seven years and let the riff-raff fend for themselves for the seven lean years. Fuck them. I'm going to be fabulously rich-n-famous. I will corner the market and make a killing in typical capitalist fashion."

» Does She Not See How Morally Offensive that Sounds? Or Does She Just Not Give a Fuck?

You know what I am saying is true. They have already demonstrated, in countless different ways, the ordering of their shitty, warped, deformed value-structures.

I keep hoping that, some day, one of them will prove me wrong. But they only continue to reinforce my perceptions on an ever-increasing basis.

It's easy to see how their value structures could have become so warped and mangled.

Line formed outside a soup kitchen during the Great Depression.

But I am still searching for that line, my friend. I am still searching for the moral line that the white evangelical will not cross for Donald Trump.

Bono knows what I am talking about when I say that I still havent found what I'm looking for. Fraid not, my friend.

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