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Let the flirting begin.

You know, girly .. I was just telling Bono how I still havent found the thing that I was looking for.

But this does not mean that I havent found some other things .. things that I wasnt even looking for .. because I did not know that such things even existed.

I am talking about things that are much, much better than that other sad thing that I was looking for there on the other page earlier today.

Bono was looking for something very different than the thing I was looking for. I am learning (the hard way, of course) that you cannot find some things because they simply do not exist.

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This thing that I found here with you, girly .. it seems that most of the time we don't even know what it is that we are looking for ..

.. until we get it. Until we find it. Until we stumble upon it.

» Schopenhauer Says Your Plans Will Prove Futile .. Sooner or Later

Schopenhauer says that it is a fool's errand for ordinary folks to make plans for the future. He says that life is such a fucking whirlwind-tonado that your plans will prove meaningless and laughably futile.

I do not agree with him there, that making plans is a waste of time. He lived in a much different time and place than we do here today.

But I can certainly see where he is coming from, and what he is saying, and why he is saying it.

Schopenhauer was, you know, Nietzsche's daddy. His philosophical daddy, so to speak.

Schopenhauer has been called the artist's philosopher. Ha ha ha .. that's actually funny, in a way.

It's a romantic way of saying that you're going to get your ass kicked a lot .. on a regular basis. More-or-less.

There is a video on this very topic of Schopenhauer's views and perspectives. I should go back and review it to make sure that I am not bum-doping you.

But I understand the concept from a practical-application point-of-view. I have it baked in .. into my ass.

This is what happens when they bleed you dry and grind your ass into the pavement.

There comes a point where you sort of just give up and surrender to the Universe and go with what you have .. because this is your only remaining option.

I don't want to proceed any more down this particular path, because I can see how it might be misunderstood.

This is a perspective, a point-of-view. And there are other perspectives. There are other points-of-view .. both lower and higher. I am familiar with many points-of-view.

But I was talking about how I found this thing here with you. This thing that I wasnt looking for .. because I didnt even know that it existed.

But fuck if it doesnt feel like the thing I've been looking for my whole life. Does this make any sense to you?

Perhaps I was just following my intuition.

» I Have an Organic, Natural, Existential Thing for You

I will tell you more about this thing that I found here with you later .. but first let me tell you about how I got the title for today's page.

It is an organic thing. It is a natural thing. It is an existential thing. It is a spontaneous thing. So I know you'll love it.

So there I was .. very much minding my own business, as usual. I was fixin' myself a french press of this Sirens blend by Starbucks with beans that I had ground fresh myself just minutes before.

I have made french press so many times that I can do it by muscle memory now, which lets my mind freewheel .. thinking about this-n-that and the other.

» I Could Think of Nothing to Write About that Would Do Justice to the Day

I was thinking about what I was going to write today ..

.. seeing that today is the 100-year anniversary of arguably the finest novel of the entire last century .. especially since I had made such a big deal about it back on the 22nd.

I knew that I wanted to write something today, on a such a cool date. But I didnt know what I should write.

Kierkegaard says that this unlimited number of options available to us in life is what causes anxiety. The dizziness of freedom.

» I Am Looking for Something that Feels Right

But I don't want to write whatever I happen to feel like writing. (Well, maybe a part of me does like that idea of the freedom that comes with unlimited options.)

Rather I want to write the right thing. I want to write the right thing for the right day. I want to write something that will match the day, and the occasion .. in a complementary sort-of-way.

You know what I am talking about, girly, when I say that I am looking for the right thing, with the right sense of balance.

Ariana takes a breath betweens humms at t=0:45 while creating a loop to be used in singing Positions live Vevo (22 July 2021)

Remind me to ask you about your thoughts on the sense-of-balance of the writing that I have done on today's date.

I am talking about the way I have balanced the page you are reading now [ Nobody Does It For Me Like You Do ] .. with what I wrote here » Why Wait 400 Years? (2 Feb 2022).

I am curious about your thoughts on the sense-of-balance that I struck between these two themes .. in an artistic sense.

I am also curious about your thoughts on the sense-of-balance that I struck along the moral spectrum .. because I can feel myself stretching out that span. (I want my lover stretched to her breaking point, you know, while I am having at her.)

This is no small task, my friend. The pressure was on. The pressure was on  big time. I am talking about the pressure to bring something that would do justice to Mr. James Joyce .. a man who makes me feel less alone in the world.

And I was feeling it. I was feeling the pressure of the challenge. I was feeling the industrial-strength pressure of the industrial-strength challenge.

I could hear a voice back there saying, "Dude, if you are going to talk about the greatest novel written in the English language in the twentieth century, then you will need to at least mention Cormac McCarthy."

An honorable mention. High honors.

Cormac McCarthy is the real deal .. and he knows it. Remind me to tell you the story about how he found his editor. That's a good story. Hair-raising, if you are a writer.

When I read that story, I thought, "You gotta be shittin' me."

» I Love These Talented Industrial-Strength Artists Who Challenge Me to Up My Game

This is one of the reasons why I love these industrial-strength women. These talented women. Enormously talented ladies.

There are other reasons, too. But you don't want to let them know all the reasons why they so do it for you.

Because they will use this information against you. They will use it to manipulate you. They will manipulate you in ways that you did not even know existed ..

.. pulling your strings and pushing your buttons that you didnt even know you had .. and making you feel things that you struggle to put into words. (And you will love every minute of it.)

Say good-bye to your comfort zone.

» I Still had One Foot in La La Land

I was very much into flirting with Ms. Elena Fraules, you know .. while I was wondering what to write today. So that was the mindset that I was in.

I was still half asleep and groggy and not far from dreamland.

The french press takes 4 mins. So I glanced over at the clock. I have a digital alarm clock with temperature and humidity read-outs.

The time was 6:26 pm. When I saw the time, that made me think of somebody I know who has that birth date.

This naturally made me think of things. I am not going to tell you the kinds of things that I was thinking about this person. But one thing led to another .. you know. And it wasnt long before I was in the thick of some very cool places.

I had been thinking about how well Elena Fraules did it for me .. because she does.

But when I saw the time, and I thought of this other person .. this is when thought came to me on its own » "Nobody does it for me like she does." Here I was simply admitting the obvious to myself.

» That Would be a Great Title for Today

This is where the voice in my head said, "Ooh, dude .. that would be a great title."

I had to agree. And this being James Joyce's birthday .. it only seemed fitting to go with today's title. It felt natural and organic. Plus, there is definitely an element of challenge here.

I can write whatever I like whenever I like, but I first need the title before I can create a new page. The title becomes the file name .. which you need in order for a web server to serve the HTML page.

» It Came So Naturally and Effortlessly and Organically

I was so taken by my idea, by my organic idea, that I missed the 4-min mark and the coffee came out pretty strong.

Today's title opens a lot of very cool doors for me .. does it not? I could really explore some cool areas from today's title.

I can't think of very many things that would be off-topic today.

» Tell Me You Get Me .. and We'll be in Love Forever

Speaking of things that come naturally and effortlessly and organically ..

.. Girly, do you remember when I wrote » "Tell me you get me .. and we'll be in love forever." ?

That was back on Page Five (19 Mar 2016) .. now many galaxies away.

In going back and retrieving the link, I noticed that I put that statement in quotes.

This means I really like you, you know .. when I write things like this. This means that something about you really does it for me. Probably a number of things.

» Spontaneous and Surprising and Revealing

It is not uncommon, you know, for me to write things that surprise myself. "Whoa .. did I just say that? Where did that come from."

And there are a number of things about this statement that surprised me. One of the most striking aspects of this statement was the purity of how organically it came.

I was already there before I had realized what I'd written. This spontaneous type of writing interests me in contrast to writing done according to a preconceived plan or an outline.

For sentences and statements that come spontaneously and organically and naturally .. this statement right here might very well be the archetype ..

.. because of how fully it embraces and embodies this thing that I am trying to describe .. this experience that I am trying to convey.

I am talking about the what lies at the heart of this 'Tell me' sentence. This tell me statement.

When I was writing that, the cautious part of me was saying, "Dude, I don't think you can write shit like that. That's crossing the line." But it was already written.

I guess my point here is that, had I planned something out in advance, then I don't know if I would've ever came up with such a sentence. I could be wrong, of course, but I don't think I would have.

I can assure you that it was genuine, heart-felt statement that came naturally and organically and without any pre-thought. It came 100% in-the-moment. This has been my experience.

There are more of these sentences and statements where I surprise myself. Some of them stand out more than others.

Would you like to know which ones really stand out the most? (I bet you would.)

But we'll save that for later. Because right now I want to talk about the cool things that I have been hearing in your voice lately. I am hearing music within the music.

You are an endlessly remarkable creature. There is no end to the things that your artistry is able to produce. You continue to kick ever-increasing amounts of ass.

Your poor foot.

This is the end of this page. ■

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