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Oh, look .. we're here already.

Timestamp Worldclock Wednesday 2 February 2022 at 2:22 am San Diego time

Today is the 100-year anniversary of what is generally considered the finest novel written in the English language during the entire twentieth century.

Ulysses by James Joyce, pub in Paris by Sylvia Beach on 2 Feb 1922, Joyce's 40th birthday, first edition copy of limited edition printing

I can verify, dear reader, that the words you are reading right now were written on the 2nd of February, 2022 .. if this is something that might happen to mean something to you. (Or is it just me?)

And a very happy birthday to Mr. James Joyce, who would be 140 today.

You must admit that today is indeed a very cool date .. even better than the one Joyce had.

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» Breaking With Long-Standing Convention

Now normally, dear reader, I would set the time for this HTML page at either 2:02 am or 2:02 pm .. so that it parallels the date.

This is just a harmless quirk of mine that I indulge in .. because the software allows you se_lect any time you might happen to choose.

But today I have broken with long-standing convention and tradition .. and I have set the time at 6:26 pm.

Timestamp Worldclock Wednesday 2 February 2022 at 6:26 pm San Diego time

If you scroll to the top of this page, and look right under the title, you will see what I am talking about.

The Moveable Type software will automatically set the time at whatever time it was when you first created the page. But I always set this manually to reflect the date .. except for today.

» There Must be a Good Reason for Today's Rare Deviation from the Norm

Why would I ever do something like this? And why did I do this today? Of all days?

There must be a reason why I would do something like this. A good reason.

And while it is true, dear reader, that we don't want to become too predictable, that is not the reason.

You'll see. (I can hardly wait.) Be patient. This is going to be a lot of fun. I can tell already.

» Things that Come Naturally and Organically in an Existential Sort-of-Way

It is very much an existential sort-of-thing that I am in right now. So I am already feeling a recursive thing going on.

Recursive things tend to mean you are fixin' to depart normal reality. I definitely have my seatbelt fastened securely.

» Merely Admitting the Obvious Rather than Attempting to Flirt

It is no big secret, dear reader, that I have already used this very same phrase that I am using for today's title.

I used this same phrase as a heading in a page titled » Filling it Up and Sending it Back to Ariya (19 Apr 2019).

Or sometimes I might say "You so do it for me."

Such statement are really just concessions where I am just admitting the obvious to myself .. than they are any type of attempt at flirting.

Don't get me wrong. I can certainly flirt, my friend. Heck, I might very well be the King-of-Flirting. But this is not flirting when I say, "You so do it for me."

» Warning: There Will Definitely be Some Industrial-Strength Flirting Going On Today

There will definitely be some flirting going on today. You can be sure of that. Industrial-strength flirting. I can feel it already.

"What's shakin,' girly? I got a title with your name on it. Let me tell you all about it."

» Not as Easy to Chronicle the End of the World as I had Anticipated

I have just been so busy chronicling the end of the world, you know ..

Mad Max Fury Road

.. that I haven't had the time to flirt with you like I want to, or in the way that I know a woman like you deserves.

I'll make it up to you .. you'll see.

It is not as easy to chronicle the end of the world as I had anticipated. No, ma'am. It is proving much more difficult than I was expecting.

I was thinking, "Hey, I'm the greatest writer whoever lived. This will be cake. I'll have plenty of time left over to flirt with these industrial-strength super-hotties."

I may indeed be a kick-ass writer (at least, that's what everybody keeps telling me) .. but this is not cake. I can see that now. I can see things now that I couldn't see before.

Small sliver of visible light set within the much larger total spectrum of light that we cannot see our human eyes

Speaking of seeing things now that I couldnt see before, and speaking of chronicling the end of the world .. that reminds me.

» But First I Got to Do This Other Thing

I think it is important that you know, dear reader, that before I could even begin working on this page that you are reading right now, I first had to do this other thing.

This other thing that I am talking about .. happens to be a section that I added in a page titled » How Can QAnon Still be Such a Powerful Delusion? - Page Three (19 Aug 2021)

This is a page, by the way, that begins with a picture of Trump holding up a bible in front of a church. Now there is something that you don't see everyday, folks.

Note that this section has been off-loaded to its own page, titled » Why Wait 400 Years? (2 Feb 2022)

» There I Was .. Minding My Own Business

I am glad that that is done. They certainly can't say that I didnt try to warn them .. time-n-again. You must admit that there has been much to mourn of late. Much to lament.

Let the flirting begin.

This is the end of this page. ■

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