The Mark-of-the-Beast in the Republican Party is Accepted by Publicly Swearing Fealty to Donald Trump Despite the Oath of Office to Protect and Defend the Constitution

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Today is the last day of winter. Spring arrives bright-n-early tomorrow morning at 8:33.

Timestamp Worldclock Saturday 19 March 2022 at 3:19 pm San Diego time

So today seems like a much better day to publish this particular entry than tomorrow.

I want to be done with this nasty shit when spring arrives. I want this thing to be dust in my rearview by sunrise tomorrow, when all good vampires must go to bed.

Spring is the time, you know, of new beginnings .. for life here on planet Earth. (Or, at least it used to be.)

The Mark-of-the-Beast .. this is an old story about death and shit so bad that you will have to actually live through it .. in order to fully appreciate the cruelty of the beast.

There are certainly incentives to accepting the mark of the beast .. but these socioeconomic advantages do not come free-of-charge. No, sir.

There are obligations that come with accepting the mark of the beast. These obligations can be considerable and even daunting at times.

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I am so fucking disappointed in his generation .. in his Me-n-My-Prosperity-First generation .. and in the values of that generation. And I know that I am not alone here when I write these things.

They have blood on their hands. They have innocent blood on their racist hands .. which is the worst kind. And they don't even give a shit.

» Russell Moore Tried to Tell Them

Russell Moore tried to tell them, you know, and they ran his ass out of town. He tried to tell them that Trump was a not a nice person. They left deaths threats on his phone.

He said, "Uh, I don't want the job that bad. It was fun while it lasted, but I can see now that it's time for me to be moving on. See ya."

Chris Wallace knows the feeling .. of escaping from the moral decay as the world around them crumbles.

It is really some remarkable shit that we are seeing here in America today. Morally remarkable .. but not in a good sort of way.

» Somebody Close to Prosperity Preacher Ken Copeland Please Tell Him Why this was Such a Foolish Thing to Declare Publicly

Speaking of white evangelicals that make me feel sad ..

Prosperity preacher Ken Copeland publicly states in church that Covid vaccine is the Mark-of-the-Beast (Rev 13:16)

.. somebody close to prosperity preacher Ken Copeland please tell him why this was such a foolish thing to state publicly like this.

[ Hey, say hi to Jesse for me. Doesnt look like he has been missing very many meals lately. I had to crop off a good chunk of him because he was taking up so much of my image. Truth be told, none of you boys look like you are having any trouble at the dinner table. No. It is clear that you boys know how to operate a fork and a knife with a high degree of proficiency. Good for you. ]

This was a foolish thing to state publicly like this. This is a foolish thing to do for a number of reasons.

John wrote about the mark-of-the-beast, you know, in the book of Revelation. The Covid vaccine is nothing even similar to the mark-of-the-beast.

» People Who Give Christianity a Bad Name

This so called prosperity preacher is worth some $750 million dollars. He is nearly a billionaire. He is not going to have any trouble buying or selling .. you can be sure of that.

He will regret saying this stupid thing .. if he hasnt already.

He is 85 years old. He is closer to 90 than to 80 .. and getting closer everyday. So he doesnt have much time left here on planet Earth with the rest of us. (I bet that Madeline Albright would agree with me here.)

If he doesnt want to get the Covid vaccine, great. I have no problem with that. But he should not be saying stupid shit like this publicly.

Shame on him. He knows better. It's people like him and Mike Pence and George W. Bush who give Christianity a bad name. Gaga knows what I am talking about.

You know, I would not be surprised one bit to learn that he was already fully vaccinated, and that he was merely using this mandate as a convenient piece of leverage ..

.. to argue why he needed to continue flying around in his fleet of private jets from his private airport sitting there beside his oh-so lavish mansion.

Would you?

» Born in the Middle of the Great Depression

This so called prosperity preacher was born in the middle of the Great Depression. So it is not surprising that he happens to value money and possessions and such things so highly.

It is not at all a surprising thing. Such things were scarce during the Great Depression.

It is certainly understandable to see how his value-structure might've become warped and deformed to value such things so highly.

Soup kitchen during Great Depression of the 1930's

He is using this Covid-shot mandate to travel as a reason why he needs to continue to fly around in his private jets .. so that he doesnt have to fly around with all you demons who fly commercial ..

.. when this is obviously detrimental to the environment.

» A Bridge Too Far for Ken's Climate-Denialist Logic

He is trying to stretch here .. in his reasoning. But he is over-reaching. He is over-extending himself with his faulty logic.

He is over-reaching here to justify his long-standing disregard for the environment, and for the future-inhabitants of planet Earth, by flying his private jets everywhere.

He thinks this is christian persecution. The younger generation is calling out his sorry ass on valid grounds and he does not like it, no. He does not like it one bit.

This is because he likes to fly his private jets around here-n-there. I mean, who wouldnt?

Prosperity televangelist Ken Copeland being interviewed by Lisa Guerrero for Inside Edition (3 May 2019)

When a boxer, or a fighter, overreaches, it opens them up to counterattack. They expose a vulnerability. They present a weakness, or a weak spot, for their opponent to capitalize on.

Mr. Copeland has exposed his vulnerabilities here. The Mark of the Beast .. I think not, Mr. Copeland.

The Mark of the Beast enables a man to buy-n-sell. You are not lacking in this area, sir. You are in no way lacking when it comes to buying and selling.

Few folks are able to buy-n-sell like you are .. very few indeed. This is why it was so foolish of you to cite the Mark-of-the-Beast in this particular situation.

» Already been Summoned and Formally Rebuked According to the Scriptures

You should've listened to Kenneth Hagin when he summoned you and formally rebuked you. You should've given heed to his scriptural words of rebuke and correction.

Because it is people like you who give Christianity a bad name.

Ken Copeland pointing his finger while talking to Lisa Guerrero of Inside Edition

Have you put away the pointing of the finger yet? It doesnt seem that way, Ken.

Look at the look in his eyes here. This is why I cropped this image down so tightly around his face .. because of the look in his eyes.

» How Great is that Darkness

The eyes are the window to the soul. You can get a sense of somebody from looking into their eyes. What do you see in his soul when you look into his eyes?

1 Timothy 4:1-2 The Spirit declares that in later times some will turn away from the faith, paying attention instead to deceitful spirits and to the doctrines of demons.

Does that passage remind you of anybody? Does that passage sound familiar in any way?

» I Could Never See How this Passage Fit into the Large Narrative About Money and Wealth and Riches

Speaking of the eyes being the windows of the soul .. there is a passage in Matthew's gospel that has always perplexed me.

It is contained in verses 22 & 23 of chapter 6, which is one of my favorite chapters in the whole book. Trump knows the book I am talking about.

Trump stands in front of St. John's Episcopal church parish holding up a Bible on Monday 1 June 2020

[ This image cracks me up. Trump is clearly not a happy camper here. You can almost hear him thinking, "How did I let Ivanka talk me into this? This is the stupidest thing I have ever done. Let's just hurry up and get this over with. My hand is starting to burn." ]

I based my whole Righteousness entry on v33. Seek ye first .. even Catholic boys like me know that one.

This chapter concludes, by the way, by saying » 'You are wasting your time worrying about tomorrow, dawg. Trust me when I say that you have more than enough shit to worry about today, right here-n-now.'

But these other two verses talk about the eye being the light, or the lamp, of the body. I would read that and think, "Uh, say what?"

The subject seems to change for these two verses .. but it really doesnt. Though I could never see how those two verses fit in there like that in any sort of logical way.

Because these two verses are set in a section that is clearly talking about money and finances and treaure and shit like that.

I could never see how the eyes being the light, or the lamp, of the body .. fit in with money and finances and treasure .. until now.

I should probably thank Ken for helping me to see this.

» The Dark Sickness of Looking at Everything with a Stingy Eye

This passage concludes by saying (drumroll, pls) » If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness.

How great is that darkness? Well, how great is it?

They are playing with words here in another language .. things which not not always translate over smoothly or easily into another langauge in another culture living at a very different time.

It is talking about stingy people who want it all for themselves and nothing for anybody else .. as compared with generous people.

» A Generation Comes and a Generation Goes

You know, Ken .. your children's generation will be your judges. And they are not going to judge you very favorably with the way you demonstrated such disregard for their environment.

I bet that you are a denialist when it comes to the effects that man is having on his climate by burning fossil fuels.

IPCC report: Code Red for human driven global heating, warns UN chief (9 Aug 2021)

You are a denialist so that you can continue to jet around in your private jets, indifferent to the damage this does to the environment.

I get it, Ken. Lisa Guerrero gets it. We all get it. Everybody gets it. My only question is, 'Why don't you, Mr. Fingerpointer?'

» Blackpink in Your Climate-Denialist Area

Here is a little thing from my Blackpink girlfriends. It's only 3 mins.

Blackpink Makes Me Cry Talking Climate Change | Dear Earth (23 Oct 2021)

I want you to check it out and then get back to me with your thoughts. (Just talk into a microphone somewhere and I'm sure that it will get back to me .. eventually.)

They are inheriting, along with their entire generation, they are inheriting the world that your generation is leaving to them.

They are inheriting the planet, the ecosystem, the place where folks live and work and play and breathe and have their being.

If they don't do it here in this ecosystem that you-n-your generation are leaving to them .. then they ain't doing it. Because this all they got.

You and your generation has treated the environment with disregard and disdain.

Most generations try to leave a better world for their kids and their kids' generation.

But your generation is the first time that a generation has actually left the world is a shittier condition than the one that they inherited from their parents' generation.

And the production of greenhouse gasses that are generated by burning fossil fuels is a big part of this shittiness that you-n-your generation is leaving behind.

Does this not generate a sense of shame in you? Or have you really become incapable of ethical functioning?

I see this as an opportunity for you, Ken. I see this as an example of the youth teaching their elders wisdom.

You could certainly learn some things from my Blackpink girlfriends .. especially regarding the state of the ecosystem that you-n-your generation are leaving to them-n-theirs.

I bet that Elihu knows exactly what I am talking about.

You have been called out, both formally and publicly, by both generations on either side of you .. both your elders and your children's generation.

» Woe unto the Earth and the Sea Because the Climate Denialist is Glad to Help the Devil

What do you think, Ken, about this verse in Revelation 12:12 .. that says it will be terrible for the earth and the sea?

I have never been to bible school like you, sir .. so I am naturally curious about your thoughts on the matter .. on this particular verse.

This verse says that it will be "terrible for the earth and the sea." The earth and the sea .. this is the sum total of the environment, no?

The earth and the sea .. this is the ecosystem. This is the planet that John is talking about, no?

John says that the reason why it will be terrible for the earth and the sea .. is because the devil has been thrown down to the earth.

And when the devil saw that his sorry ass had been booted out of heaven, he was pissed big-time. He was pissed like a motherfucker. He was downright furious.

I am updating and translating this verse into contemporary English so that folks will understand it more clearly. But I feel that it represents a valid modern rendering.

» Why are You Helping the Devil to Make Things Terrible for the Earth and the Sea?

I guess my point here is to ask why you-n-your generation are helping the devil to bring such terrible things to the earth and to the sea?

To the environment. To the ecosystem. To the planet.

Why are you helping the devil here, Ken? Is it really that important for you to continue to fly around in your private jets?

The mark-of-the-beast .. ha ha ha .. I think not, Mr. Copeland.

» Let Me Tell You About the Faustian Deal I Witnessed Being Made Between the White Evangelical and Donald Trump at the Crossroads Late One Night

What do you think, Ken, about what Rev. Rob Schenck said about the moral collapse he has witnessed among his evangelical peers?

Rev. Rob Schenck describes the nature of the Faustian deal that evangelicals have made with Donald Trump (16 June 2020)

You never want to find yourself in a place where you have been trick-fucked into defending values that have already been judged and condemned .. at the highest levels.

You know this, Ken.

» Faust is the Guy Who Made a Deal with the Devil at the Crossroads Where He Traded His Soul for the Good Life Here on Earth

You also know, I am sure, that Faust is the guy who made a deal with the devil at the crossroads .. where he exchanged his soul for the good life here on Earth.

The term faustian is defined as » insatiably striving for worldly knowledge and power at the expense of spiritual values.

Wikipedia defines the term as » imply sacrificing spiritual values for power, knowledge, or material gain.

This is one of your own saying this. It is a sad thing .. a very sad thing.

Goethe's Faust (German, 1832) is listed there as one of the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written in Any Language (.. along with four titles from Dostoevsky).

There is a reason why the Faust legend has been alive for so long.

» Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Hey, maybe Ken knows where I can find the moral line that the white evangelical will not gladly cross for Donald Trump.

Uh, on second thought, he probably doesnt know. I can hear Bono singing in the background.

This is the end of this page. ■

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