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» How Does the Love of God Live in Him?

Somebody ask him what he thinks about what John wrote here.

But whoever has the world's goods (adequate resources), and sees his brother in need, but has no compassion for him, how does the love of God live in him? Little children, let us not love [merely in theory] with word or with tongue [giving lip service to compassion], but in action and in truth [in practice and in sincerity, because practical acts of love are more than words].

Someone who is worth $760 million, and who lives in a mansion, complete with its own airport, stocked with a number of high-end jet airplanes ..

.. I feel comfortable saying that such a person » "has the world's goods (adequate resources)". And I am sure that most Americans would agree with me here.

Does he not see his brother in need? Everywhere you look there is plenty of need.

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» Immigrant Children Living in Shocking Squalor at Border Detention Facility in Clint, Texas

For example, there are many immigrant children being housed at a border detention facility in Clint, Texas .. right in Copeland's own backyard.

Team of lawyers find shocking conditions at border detention facility for immigrant children in Clint, Texas (24 June 2019)

Perhaps he could find it in his heart to part with some of that $760 million and fill one of his jets with some diapers and cots and blankets and toothbrushes and soap and lice-killing shampoo ..

.. and fly down there to Clint and drop off these supplies for the immigrant children being housed in shocking squalor there.

He can call my friends at the New Yorker if he needs directions.

I wonder what Coffee Joe and Mika think about this mistreatment of poor, immigrant children there in Clint, Texas.

Coffee Joe cites scripture from Luke's gospel regarding the treatment of children at border detention facilities in Texas (24 June 2019)

Ooh .. look at Coffee Joe the Southern Baptist citing scripture here ..

.. and offering to make a few phone calls in order to actually do something about this ongoing tragedy occurring there in Texas.

John knows what I am talking about. I bet that Kirstjen Nielsen knows what I am talking about.

I wonder what Jonathan Lemire thinks of what is going on there in Clint, Texas.

Jonathan Lemire says this is hard to watch and hard to listen to (24 June 2019)

I wonder what Nicole Wallace thinks.

I wonder what Shep Smith thinks.

» The System is Even More About the Money and Cares Even Less About the Kids

Notice how Mike Pence's response to Jake Tapper's question about why arent we providing soap and toothbrushes and diapers to children, when we already have the money available for it, is » "It's all a part of the appropriations process."

Appropriations is a bureaucratic way of saying » getting money. ($$$)

And the Democrats control the appropriations process right now. In other words, they are trying to use this exploitation of poor, immigrant children as a way to pressure Democrats into giving them more money.

Jonathan Lemire makes this exact point here .. that the administration is using these helpless immigrant children as leverage in order to try to extract money from the Democrats.

My point here is that it is clear that » the SYSTEM is still about the money, and not about the kids.

» It's People Like Mike Pence that Give Christianity a Bad Name

No true believer could ever be part of such a morally depraved thing .. no matter how much money he was getting paid.

Somebody please tell Mike Pence the immoral lying hypocrite to go fuck himself for me.

Tell him that there is a millstone with his name on it waiting for him.

It is people like Mike Pence who give Christianity a bad name. Gaga knows what I am talking about.

Gaga calls Mike Pence the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian (22Jan2019)

Hi Gaga. Say hi to Bradley for me.

» Perhaps Jesse Might be Willing to Sell One of His Nine Chandeliers to Help these Children Living in Squalor

Perhaps Reverend Copeland might even call his good friend Jesse Duplantis, and get Jesse to sell one of his nine chandeliers .. each of which reportedly cost more than most people's homes.

This might help salvage some of the reputation of these so called prosperity preachers after the fallout from the Inside Edition story. (Notice how I am appealing here to their selfish side.)

Here is another article about another detention facility there in Texas where poor, immigrant children desperately need help.

Texas border facility neglecting immigrant children (21 June 2019)

Let me know what he says. But I wouldnt be holding my breath.

» Economic Inequality is Sitting at Historical Extremes and Getting Worse by the Day

It is not difficult to see need today .. when economic inequality is sitting at historical extremes and getting worse by the day.

Inequality has returned to the extremes of the Gilded Age

The term "extreme inequality" means that » the rich today are much richer than they have been, historically speaking ..

Inequality per Thomas Piketty in his 2015 book titled Capital

.. while the poor today are much poorer than they have been, historically.

Thomas Piketty knows what I am talking about.

So the question that is begging to be asked here is » "How does the love of God live in this preacher?"

Does this preacher of the gospel support candidates and political parties who seek to exasperate the already extreme levels of income and economic inequality that exist in our nation today?

I bet he does.

» John's Rhetorical Question

This is a rhetorical question that John is asking here. A rhetorical question is defined as one that is asked for effect .. when no real answer is expected, because the answer is obvious.

In other words, John is saying that it is hard to imagine how the love of God could possibly live in such a person .. because love is not selfish or self-seeking.

» White Evangelicals are Trump's Most Devoted Supporters

I bet that he loves Trump and the policies that that the Trump administration enacts, and thinks that Trump is the most Christ-like president ever .. just like Michele Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann says that Trump is the most Biblical and Godly President ever (20 April 2019)

I wonder what Bible she is reading. Somebody ask this preacher what he thinks about Michele's statement. Does he agree with her?

I feel led to direct Michele Bachmann to what Paul wrote to the Romans about the religious people of his day.

Paul writes that the religious people of his day had a zeal for God, but that they went about it the wrong way (self-righteous)

I would also direct her to what Paul wrote to the Ephesians here.

David French says evangelicals are supporting Trump out of fear, not faith (27 June 2019)

The fact that white evangelicals are Trump's most devoted supporters is something of an indictment on white evangelical preachers.

Evangelical lady says that Trump represents the Godly people of America

If white evangelical preachers were preaching an uncompromising message, and not an adulterated message .. then you wouldnt have white evangelicals being Trump's biggest and strongest supporters.

» Paying Attention to Deceitful and Seductive Doctrines in the Latter Days

We must be in the "later times" .. because Paul says that this is when some believers will:

» turn away from the faith, paying attention instead to deceitful and seductive spirits and doctrines of demons, misled by the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared as with a branding iron, leaving them incapable of ethical functioning.

Notice in particular the phrase » incapable of ethical functioning.

» Helping to Shovel Coal into Trump's Racist Locomotive

And somebody should ask Michele Bachmann about Trump's flat refusal to apologize for calling for the death penalty of the long-exonerated Central Park Five.

Donald Trump refuses to apologize for calling for the death of the exonerated Central Park Five when asked by April Ryan (19 June 2019)

Ask her if she feels that this is an example of Trump's "most-Biblical-ever" behavior.

Come Judgment day, Michele Bachmann is going to be standing over there with that big group of white evangelical Trump supporters who feel that he was the "Most Biblical" president ever.

It's not going to be a good day for you, Michele. You will be thinking, "This is the worst day of my life."

And it's only going to get worse from there. And it's going to keep getting worse .. for a long time. For a long, long time. You cannot possibly imagine how long it's going to keep getting worse.

You'll see what I mean .. sooner or later. You can't say that you werent warned. I can almost hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth now.

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