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» Introducing an Element of Precision

This introduces an element of precision to my writing, no? An exactness. Certainly to my publishing, it does.

When Ariana begins her concerts by introducing eclipse imagery .. she is introducing an element of precision. Is she not?

Sure she is. An eclipse is a ultra-precise alignment .. between multiple celestial bodies. Things bigger than us, and over which we have no control.

Speaking of Ariana and heavenly bodies .. remind me to tell you the story about when I was moving the site to a new server, which I needed to do because the operating system was being deprecated.

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» Wait 'til Ariana Hears About This

When I saw that my account was listed under the heading » Cloud Hosting,

Radified web hosting VPS server account in Sept, 2020, specified Cloud Hosting, but the site was already in the cloud before this

I said to the tech guy who was helping me with the migration. I said, "Dude, am I moving to the cloud?"

He wrote back "You've already been in the cloud."

He was busy with other stuff, so I didnt want to bother him asking about when it was that I had entered the cloud.

I always thought I had a hard chunk of hardware located somewhere in Michigan, back when my account was sold to a new web-hosting company.

Back when I got my first VPS at WiredTree (2008), I asked the owner, Zack, "What about the cloud? Everybody is talking about the cloud."

He said, "The cloud is unproven technology. Give it a few years."

And here we are.

But the process of moving the site to a new server, which I have done many times now .. is the same whether you have physical hardware or some virtual thing out in the so called cloud.

One time I had a tech guy tell me, "Your server's on a flatbed right now on it's way to Florida. It should arrive somewhere around 8AM tomorrow morning."

» This is How You Know When You are in Love

Anyway .. that's when I thought, "Wait 'til Ariana hears about this."

"Wait 'til she hears that we were already in the cloud .. and didn't even know it."

This is how you know when you are in love. When you enter the cloud ..

Ariana staring deep into my soul | breathin (7 Nov 2018)

And don't even realize it. Because you are so immersed in your lover.

Say hi to Ariana for me if you happen to run into her again. I'm sure you will.

Ariana and Blackpink minus Jisoo

This is a big concentration of talent right here. Wow, I'm starting to feel lightheaded.

Hey, where's Jisoo? She's probably taking the photo. (Jisoo is the prettiest Blackpink member. Most girly.)

[ Did you hear the way her voice drops down low at t=2:15 on "pull up"? I know you did. That was very cool. ]

Admittedly my precision is more arbitrary, and less exacting than Ariana's. I will obviously need to up my game yet again.

I sometimes do precise, exacting things like this when I am trying to impress an industrial-strength talent. Speaking of industrial-strength talents that I want to impress ..

» Mine for the Month

Hi Lisa.

Just letting you know I am thinking about you.You are mine for the whole month.

"What kinds of things have I been thinking?" you ask? I bet you would like to know. I feel confident you would indeed like to know.

But I am not going to tell you. This is how you become a master of anticipation, you know. (Jade knows what I am talking about.)

Part of me wants to work you as vigorously as you are working me.

» I Can Feel You Working Me

One of the things that has been working me, I don't mind telling you, began when I checked out Rihanna's Pon de Replay .. which you reference at this particular part of the song that is speaking to me.

See, it matters to me which song your are referencing. Because it will say different things with different songs. I was looking at the lyrics, too.

You are going way back to Rihanna's first single. "Why would she go back so far?" I wondered, to grab a reference.

But Rihanna's song speaks, too. And it began to seem like you were saying what she was saying.

It felt like you both teamed up to kick my ass there, working me. Talking to me. Provoking me. All kinds of things.

This is how girls are, you know. They team up on you. I am learning how you world-class, industrial-strength girls work. I am learning your tricks.

» Feeling Inadequate to Execute the Task at Hand

Whenever I feel a girl taking me out of my comfort zone, I naturally adopt a defensive posture. These are two very different skills sets.

At least, for me they are. Because they get a lot of use. (Playing the game of life.)

First question when I feel a woman taking me out of my comfort zone, my rather large comfort zone .. is » "Why am I feeling this way?"

"Why does a part of me feel like I do not have what it takes to engage this woman in an erotic relationship?"

"Why is this girl taking me out of my comfort zone, and where is she taking me?"

This is one of the things I have been thinking about today.

» Girls Who Provoke Me to Get Up Out of My Comfort Zone

Many times, the absence of a comfort zone is a mental thing. It is an idea thing. Where you can't see your way through.

The great unknown .. where you have gotten your ass kicked many times before .. for various reasons.

There is always growth associated with expanding your comfort zone. Personal growth. Your world actually feels bigger.

This is sort of the thing about you that I find irresistible .. inviting me to enter this thing that requires me to get up out of my comfort zone in order to up my game. I can see it happening. Time-n-again.

I am no longer as quick as I used to be, as I once was, to get up out of my comfort zone. I am much more judicious now. I am smarter now than I was then.

» Few Things in Life are Finer

In all my life-explorations, I may have gotten my ass kicked more than that of most of my peers. I would concede this point, but I learned a lot of stuff along the way.

I learned a lot of stuff that you can't learn any other way .. than by first-hand experience.

And it has been my experience that there isn't much finer to be found in life .. than what you find in an erotic relationship with a beautiful creature.

I am talking about making a meaningful, intimate connection .. with a beautiful creature.

I mean, how do you go up from here? You need angel wings if you want to go up from here.

I am talking about things that satisfy even the furthest reaches of your soul .. in ways that you did not even know were possible.

The soul of sentient being.

» Is This a Coincidence?

I couldnt help but notice that Becky G was the one who announced that you had won Best K-pop.

Becky G announces Lisa wins best K-pop at 2022 VMSs at Prudential center in Newark (28 Aug 2022)

And handed you the award. The heavy award.

Is this a coincidence? You must admit that she looks very happy here for you.

I ask this because it was on the page I wrote titled » How You Like Me Now, Girly? (1 Aug 2021) where I mentioned Becky G .. right after I cited your Lalisa release.

This was where I off-loaded text to create a new page for you titled » Feeling Heard and Understood and Appreciated by Someone You Respect and Admire (22 Oct 2021), which is one of my favorite titles.

While I was watching you accept the award, the voice in my head was saying, "Dude, did you notice that Becky G is the one announcing Lisa's win and handing her the award?"

"Didnt you cite Becky G immediately after mentioning Lisa's solo release?"

I returned to that page and sure enough there it was directly after I mentioned your Lalisa release, for which you won the award that Becky G announced.

The very next sentence was where I wrote » "No entry with a title like today's title would be complete without at least mentioning Becky G."

The title of that page is » How You Like Me Now, Girly?. (1 Aug 2021) .. which hearkens back to another page where I mentioned Becky G.

Of all the people in the music industry today, Becky G just so happens to be the one who was selected to announce your win and present you with the award.

These things speak to me. And the voice in my head says, "You know that's what crazy people think, right?"

It could certainly be a mere coincidence. But I don't think it is. I think this was by design.

This is the end of this page. ■

This theme continues with renewed vigor here » Cultivating a Deeper Sense of Intimacy with a Beautiful Creature (22 Oct 2022).

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