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» I Do Some of My Best Work When I am Trying to Impress Industrial-Strength Talent such as Yourself

Sometimes I will go back and read something I havent seen for a long time.

Here is where I am looking at something that I previously wrote. Now I am looking at it from the outside looking in, as a reader .. instead of from the inside looking out, like I do while I am writing.

Reading and writing are very different things for me.

Here is where I will sometimes see something that strikes me in such a way that I will say to the writer in me (while I am reading, not writing).

Here is where I will say to the writer in me, "Who are you, dude? Who writes like this? Who says things like that? Who are you really?"

Not always, but many times this will happen while I am writing something to an industrial-strength talent such as yourself.

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Later, while I am going about my business, I will hear a voice back there saying, "Dude, you are trying to impress this girl so much that you are impressing yourself." And I will think, "I know."

I do indeed want to impress you. I want to impress you with my wordcraft. Who can blame me?

Male peacock with its feathers fanned out, trying to impress a super-hottie girly peacock

I know I can write. I might be the greatest writer who ever lived. At least, this is what everybody keeps telling me.

Writers need a muse, you know. They need a beautiful creature to take an interest in them and to appreciate their artistry and to inspire them and to challenge them to up their game, so to speak.

Sometimes I think that my flirtations with industrial-strength talent are really a search for a muse. For the perfect muse.

I want to see if my skillcraft might perchance strike them in a meaningful way. In a personal way. In a surprisingly deep and intimate sort of way. And of course, in an erotic way.

» Dude, You are Kicking Large Amounts of Ass Here

Most of the times when I am impressed with my own writing, this occurs when I return to something I wrote long ago.

It is far more rare for me to be impressed with myself while I am actually writing something.

I am talking about the times when I can hear a voice back there say, "Dude, you are kicking large amounts of ass here."

Sometimes the writer gets into a trancey sort of flow, where he finds himself being in-the-moment for a period of time. And where he is not paying much attention to the overall, big picture.

Here is where I will sometimes think, "I wonder if anybody else thinks I am kicking large amounts of ass here."

» The Horribly Uncomfortable Feeling that Sometimes Precedes an Artistic Birthing

You know, my last entry was titled » I Feel Your Pain (22 Aug 2022). Here is where I talked about feeling pain, something I know about more than I would care to.

I was responding, in part, to Pink Venom, which was released a few days earlier. This narrative focused on my experiences dealing with (some) members of the opposite sex.

I shared these insights because they were very expensive for me to learn. Expensive in more ways than just financial.

But this is not what I get personally from this song, and from these lyrics, no. I get something much different.

It has been my experience that a period of pain sometimes precedes an artistic birthing. This is what I am reminded of when I hear you girls sing those lyrics.

Sometimes it is a horribly uncomfortable feeling where nothing feels right about anything. (Ariana knows what I am talking about.)

It's a yucky place where you seem stuck and you would do almost anything to get out of.

I am reminded here of what David wrote.

Psalm 55, v4+5, NIV, My heart is in anguish, the terrors of death fallen, fear-n-trembling, horror overwhelming

Which was referenced (1843) in a book by Kierkegaard (1813-1855) .. the first existentialist.

Fear and Trembling (1843) by Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

These existentialists, they feel like my people. They feel like my tribe. I get them. I get where they are coming from and where they are going. Or at least, where they are trying to go.

» Girls Who Bring More Pain than You Think You Can Handle

So, what have you brought me, Ms. Lisa? What sort of artistic birthing have you brought for me?

I admit that a part of me does not feel ready. Does not feel up to the level of the challenge.

» I have Never Been with a Guinness World Record Holder Before

I was checking out your Wikipedia page. Oh my God. It is just an unending narrative of you kicking ass in a big way for a long-ass time .. breaking record after record.

You even have multiple Guinness world records.

Guinness World Record logo

When I saw this, the voice in my head said to you, "You know, I have never been with a Guinness world-record holder before .. in case you were wondering."

I mean, I would have definitely remembered something like that. These things speak.

But it is an intimidating thing .. reading how you have been kicking such large amounts of ass .. for some time now.

My point here is to say that this is why I am not feeling ready. Like I am not up to the task. I mean, who is, really?

But fuck it. I am here. I am writing. I am giving it a go. "Rock-n-roll, baby."

The best way to conquer feelings of inadequacy, I have found, is to just jump in with both feet and get busy bringing it .. wherever it is that you might happen to be bringing it to.

Or just head off in the direction you want to go. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Here is where I sometimes hear a voice saying, "Fuck it. I might get my ass kicked, but nobody will say I pussied out. Nobody is gonna say I wasn't game."

And sure, sometimes I do get my ass kicked. More often than I care for. More frequently than I would prefer. But I learn stuff along the way.

I'm going to bring it right to your doorstep. You'll see. You have never seen anything the likes of me before. And now I'm all warmed up, too.

I'm fixin' to turn up the dial another notch or two.

There's no telling where this thing is headed .. but I already know it's going to be fun getting there.

» Shut it Down

Before I get carried away fanning out my peacock feathers .. I want to mention one little thing about Shut Down.

One of the things, one of the key things, that makes Shut Down work for me .. is the time delay between when you and Jennie let go of the garage door handle ..

.. and when it crashes shut.

Then you capture this sound of the garage door slamming shut, loudly and unmistakably. Almost annoyingly.

It is not a long time, no. But there is indeed a delay.

I don't want to elaborate any more on this topic. I simply want to establish a platform here. I want to establish this text platform. This potential launching point.

I could take this platform right here and run on for pages .. without even trying.

A part of me is curious about who it was that came up with this idea of capturing the sound of the garage door slamming shut, and then using it repeatedly in the song.

Regardless of who it might happen to be, this works for me. This sound of the garage door slamming shut.

It is very sassy, you must admit.

» Biden Says Putin has No Off-Ramp on the Road to Armageddon

Speaking of shutting things down .. what do you think about this thing that Biden said .. that we are facing the prospect of Armageddon?

Mary Bruce at the White house reporting that Biden says we face the prospect of Armageddon GMA (7 Oct 2022)

There's something you don't hear everyday.

I am chronicling the end of the world, you know. This is certainly an eyebrow-raising development.

I wish I felt more confident in the abilities of our government to do the right things and execute an effective solution to defuse the situation.

But they have screwed up so many simple things so badly that my hopes have been dashed time-n-again.

I could explain in detail exactly what kinds of things I am referring to here. But that would make me feel sad.

Putin probably doesn't believe that the US will make good on their threats of retaliation.

Remember when Obama said that using chemical weapons in Syria would be crossing a red-line and that there would be hell to pay?

And then Russia used chemical weapons and Obama did nothing.

» It's Already Too Late Because the Science on the Environmental Effects of Burning Fossil Fuels has been Dismissed and Ignored for Decades

Notice how this documentary, titled » Living in the Time of Dying (1 Oct 2022) says that the ecosystem is already breaking down.

Documentary: Living in the Time of Dying says our ecological system is breaking down (1 Oct 2022)

It says that the science on the environmental effects of burning fossil fuels has been dismissed and denied and ignored for so long now (decades) that the ecosystem is already firmly on the road to ruin.

Documentary: Living in the Time of Dying says the environment has been neglected and abused for so long that it's already doomed (1 Oct 2022)

The experts whose job it is to study the science behind the global warming resulting from burning fossil fuels say that it's already too late. They can't see any way that this does not end in disaster for planet Earth. See for yourself.

You girls know what I am talking about.

Blackpink makes me cry talking climate change | Dear Earth (23 Oct 2021)

The video for this documentary was also published today on October 1st.

» According to His Promise

I am reminded here of what Peter said when he wrote » "We are looking forward to a new heavens and a new earth where righteousness dwells."

You reckon he might know?

» Piece of Cake

Scripture teaches, you know, that creating a new heavens is no big deal for the living God. Rather, it is mere finger-work .. like the crocheting your grandma did sitting in that wooden rocking chair.

The real muscle, when God flexes his arm, is discussed here .. because this is what buys you salvation. Certainly the possibility. Scripturally speaking.

If it doesnt make sense to your human brain, then that would be totally understandable. But my point here is that I wouldn't sweat the new heavens deal. Or the new earth, either. That's a piece of cake.

» How You Like Me Now?

I'm going to come find you in this new earth where righteousness dwells. I'm going to look you up. I'm going to come knock on your door.

And when you open the door, I'm going to say, "How you like me now?"

I was sitting here late one evening, just resting after a long day, thinking about this-n-that, everything and nothing, when the voice in my head said, "Dude, you are chronicling the end of the world and these girls are saying, 'Shut it down.' What do you think of that?"

I didn't know what I thought because I had never thought of that before.

I mean, it is an existential data-point. But is there any kind of meaningful connection? Is it even worth mentioning? I don't know.

» An Urge to Do Something New

Few days ago I caught myself thinking that I wanted to do something different. In my writing, I wanted to do something new. Something I've never tried before.

I mean, if it's the end of the word, then why not? What could it hurt?

I have no idea what this something new might be. But sometimes, when you are ready and primed for something .. then, when an opportunity presents itself, you can pounce.

(I know I have the Spirit. "How do I know?" you ask? Tell you later.)

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