Wow, I Actually Feel Like I am in Love

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» When I Feel Heard and Understood and Appreciated by Someone I Respect and Admire

I confess that recently, while I was thinking about you .. and about these things that I can hear you saying to me ..

.. I confess that I actually fell in love with you. It happens on its own, you know. I was not trying to feel this way. This is why they calling 'falling' .. because it happens before you know what happened.

It surprised me to feel this way. I did not even know that I could feel this way about you.

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» This is How I Fall in Love

This seems to be the mechanism by which I fall in love .. now that I think about it. While I am thinking about someone I respect and admire ..

.. the things that I can hear them saying to me will sometimes come to me on their own.

And while I am admiring some aspect of this person, I will see something that they do, or hear something that they say .. and this is the thing that pushes me over the edge.

This is where I fall for this person. But I have to appreciate them and value them and respect them and admire them. And they have to express a similar sentiment for me.

It makes perfect sense now that I am thinking about it. I had never seen that before. But now it seems so obvious.

Different things do it for different people. I admire and respect excellence in pretty much any field .. because I know how difficult it is.

And when I feel this sense of admiration and respect for an artist and their artistry .. like I obviously feel about you and your artistry .. it is not far from here to the place where one falls in love.

It is such a rare thing, you know, and there are many variables that need to align in order for such a thing to occur. You almost feel like forces bigger and beyond yourself must be involved and pulling strings.

» Wow, I Actually Feel Like I am in Love

The exact same thing happened with Ariana. I was thinking about things that she had done and things that she had said .. and how they applied to me personally.

And I got up to go for a walk, because thinking is often enhanced by walking. I stood up and took a few steps and thought, "Wow, I actually feel like I am in love."

I did not even know I could feel this way. I did not even know that this was possible. I was so surprised.

This was back when everything was new for us.

I have described the feeling of being in love as feeling » like every cell in your body is happy.

» People Who Make Me Feel Less Alone in the World

When I am feeling heard and understood and appreciated by someone, like I feel from you .. this makes me feel less alone in the world.

Here is a nice photo of you taken from your Wikipedia page. It says that this shot was taken for a Vogue Taiwan shoot that you did in June of this year.

Lisa (24) Vogue Taiwan June 2021 from Wikipedia page

No doubt you killed it .. as usual. This image has a sepia thing going on.

I cannot help but love and appreciate people make me feel this way .. who make me feel heard .. who make me feel understood .. who make me feel appreciated.

I love this feeling .. this feeling of connection .. connection with a beautiful creature who I respect and admire. It is not a very common feeling, unfortunately.

When I felt myself fall in love with you, I thought, "I dont know what this means .. but I know it means something."

» I Wonder What Sorts of Things this Girl Will Evoke from Me

One of the things that it means is that I am going to be writing to you. I am going to be flirting with you. I am going to be exploring you and your artistry.

I mean, I honestly do not know where this thing is going .. but I know that it is going to be fun and interesting. It is going to be a lot of things.

Different girls draw out of me (evoke) different things .. things that I didnt even know were there.

Sometimes the writing thing is so strong and powerful and overwhelming and it keeps speaking to me .. that I must write something about this thing that is speaking to me in a such an irresistible way.

I remember thinking, "Oh, this girl wants a page of her own .. and she is going to get it."

You know, I might be the greatest writer who ever lived. At least, that's what everybody keeps telling me.

This is me flexing for you. This means I like you. This means I am trying to impress you. It sort of happens on its own, without any effort.

So it feels like a natural, organic thing. And I have noticed that it only happens with girls that I really like.

Perhaps you could help me take my craft to new heights? Perhaps you could serve as something of a muse. I bet you would make a great muse.

» Half the Internet Loses Its Mind Every Time You Release a New Video

I have seen a good number of reaction videos for both Lalisa and Money. They are very entertaining.

Sara reacts to Money by Lisa (1 Oct 2021)

Because you blow their minds so thoroughly.

And I know the feeling, so I can certainly relate. This girl here, for example. She is reacting to Money.

Reaction video to Lisa Money (27 Sep 2021)

I do not even know what she is saying because she is speaking Spanish. (I think.) But you can tell by the look on her face when the surprise comes over her.

There are other things besides surprise that come over her.

» You Girls are Going to Make Me Cry

Oh, look at this » Blackpink talks climate change | Dear Earth (23 Oct 2021).

This entry is dated 22 Oct 2021; this Dear Earth presentation was released the very next day.

Blackpink Makes Me Cry Talking Climate Change | Dear Earth (23 Oct 2021)

This is a well-crafted presentation .. in a number of ways.

Look at your range here. You go from the savage to the gentle like it's nothing.

Perhaps it is just me, but I have been noticing your range all along. I can feel myself being impressed with you girls in a way that I don't completely understand.

When I saw this, I said, "You girls are going to make me cry." (And it wasnt even very far into the video, either.)

It is a curious thing, sometimes, how certain things can manage to get through all our walls and all our defenses .. and touch us deeply enough, and in such a way, that it triggers an emotional response.

I went off my anti-depressants completely earlier this month .. so I am definitely feeling things more fully.

I feel bad about how the earth is being (mis)treated .. by people who won't even be here in 10 or 20 years.

This is the end of this page. ■

To be cont'd ....

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