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Hi Lisa.

I was planning to post this entry on the equinox, which arrived last week on the 22nd of September at 6:03 PM.

Timestamp Worldclock Thursday 22 September 2022 at 9:22 pm local San Diego time

That's a cool date » 22 Sep 2022. And the autumn equinox is when the seasons change from summer to fall.

But October is the month when I posted those two entries titled »

So October is like your month. But I didn't want to wait until the 22nd.

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Time right now is 10:01 pm on the first day of October.

Timestamp Worldclock Saturday 1 October 2022 at 10:01 pm San Diego time

And this page is live.

» Blackpink has Gone Supernova

You and your friends have really blown up since last year. You were big then, but now you have gone supernova.

Blackpink dominates Billboard's Hot Trending chart dated October 1st

Speaking of going supernova, I saw this interview you girls did that said (at t=2:35) you were only the third girl group to make the cover of Rolling Stone.

Blackpink only the third girl group to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone


» How You Like Us Now?

I can almost hear Rosé saying, "How you like us now?"

"How you like us hanging out here with the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child? I'll be sure to say hi to Beyoncé for you."

She has an interesting voice. It is like a broad-spectrum voice, Even her regular speaking voice is cool.

At least, to my ear it sounds this way. I hear things in her voice. It vibrates at a frequency, or in a way, that affects me.

"How does it affect me?" you ask? Ha ha ha. Not so fast. I am not giving up my secrets so easily.

Besides, I am not so sure that I really understand it myself. But I can definitely feel it.

I could feel my respect for her climb another notch when I learned about how many instruments she plays, which includes the guitar.

Everybody knows this is why she is so rock-n-roll.

» The IT girl

I saw a video title posted on YouTube that said Lisa is the new 'it' girl. The it girl. What does that feel like?

I am freaking out just thinking about it. Just writing this thing here today that I am writing to you .. this makes a part of me uncomfortable.

Maybe uncomfortable is not the right word, but I can feel your power.

You are indeed the it girl. You know you are. I know you are. We all know you are. I bet that Ash would agree with me (at t=6:30).

We are not talking about information technology, no. We are talking about a different kind of aye-tee .. a different kind of it.

It is something of a mind-blowing thing .. if you think about it. So I just try not to think about it. It is a heady sort of thing.

I was drying off after a shower yesterday, and the voice in my head said, "Dude, this girl is super-fucking-nova. Have you lost your mind?"

» The Queens of Swag

I am attracted, you know, to powerful things. Much of my life has been spent in pursuit of learning about powerful things. And gleaning whatever insights I might happen to encounter along the way.

Insights that I might be able to apply to my own life. Insights that I might happen to encounter along the way in my pursuit of learning about powerful things.

There are many different types of power, you know.

» The Girl with the Overpowering Appeal

Perhaps this is why a part of me finds you irresistible. The term irresistible is defined as » having an overpowering appeal. Notice the word 'power' contained in that definition.

You embody so many of the things that I am attracted to. Things that I am naturally attracted to. Things that I am attracted to without even trying. I can't help that I am attracted to the things that I am attracted to.

I am talking about things that do it for me. I am talking about things that satisfy different parts of me. I am talking about things that seem to permeate and satisfy the furthest reaches of my soul.

» True Satisfaction Where Your Soul Delights in the Richest of Fare

I cannot write about the subject of satisfying the furthest reaches of my soul without at least mentioning the first two verses from the 55th chapter of Isaiah, which is one of my favorites.

Notice where it says, "Why do you spend your hard-earned cash on shit that doesn't satisfy? You should check out my stuff. I have the real-deal. Satisfaction guaranteed. I am talking about something that satisfies even the furthest reaches of your soul in ways that you did not even know were possible." 

I am paraphrasing a bit, but that's exactly what it's saying, no?

» This Swag is Off the Charts

Swag is all about embracing your power and feeling yourself in that power. And you girls are like the queens of swag. I mean, this is your thing. This is your signature thing.

You do so many things at a world-class level » singing, rapping, dancing, choreography. I could go on, but swag is really your signature thing. Your distinctive defining thing.

In one reaction I saw of Shut Down, the guy didn't even pause the video. But while watching, he said, "This swag is off the charts."

And swag is based on power. I think that a part of me is trying to figure out why I am so attracted. Why I am feeling you as strongly as I am.

Lisa Lalisa Special stage Burn, burn burn like Fraules team Watchacha (12 Sep 2021)

I know that I shouldn't be so surprised, because you embody so many things that I find appealing. (And it's not just me, either.) I know I shouldnt be surprised, but I am.

» This Girl is Totally Working Me

I am feeling you. I am feeling you in a big way. I have never felt anything like this before. It feels strong.

Yesterday, I was doing some mindless chores, cleaning up after dinner, and I caught myself thinking, "This girl is totally working me. I can feel her working me. And she's doing it on purpose. She knows what she's doing."

It wasn't long after that I thought, "I have to respond. I will need to dial this thing up another notch or two. If she wants to play like that .. so be it. She's mine for the whole month."

This is sort of what you are reading now.

I had a similar experience last year when I thought, "This girl wants a page of her own .. and she is going to get it."

This was the first time you felt irresistible.

» Feeling Appreciated by a Beautiful Creature

I like to flirt with industrial-strength talent such as yourself .. because I find that it inspires me and it challenges me to up my game. Elena knows what I am talking about.

Fraules Girls Team choreo for Watchachacha (31 Dec 2018)

If a man wants to engage in a meaningful way with a woman of your caliber, he will need to bring some impressive skills to the table. No?

He will probably need to bring some techniques that she has never seen before. He wants her thinking, "I have never seen anything like this before."

He will need to bring an assortment of skills that she can appreciate. Things that raise her eyebrow and moistens her panties. This seems obvious to me.

He wants her thinking, "I have never felt anything like this before."

I do indeed find it a motivating thing. An inspiring thing. A challenging thing. A worthy adventure. A rewarding endeavor. A satisfying artistic interplay between two souls.

This is the end of this page. ■

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