Cultivating a Deeper Sense of Intimacy with a Beautiful Creature

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Today's date is October 22nd, 2022. This is a cool date, you must admit. So I wanted to do something special.

I wonder what time it is right now. Hold on a sec. I'm gonna go check real quick. Be right back. Don't go anywhere.

Timestamp Worldclock Saturday 22 October 2022 at 10:22 pm local San Diego time

Okay, it's 10:22. It's getting late. Good thing I didn't dawdle. I need to get busy right away.

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"Get busy doing what?" you ask? That's a good question.

» Getting Quantumly Entangled with a Beautiful Creature

I want to begin by asking what you think about this known, physical demonstrable fact ..

.. that Brian Greene mentions at t=5:24 in this video titled » Quantum Entanglement: 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics (posted 5 Oct 2022).

Quantum Entanglement: 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger, Brian Greene narrates, World Science Festival (5 Oct 2022)

Where he says that two objects can be very far apart from each other, physically speaking, yet still be somehow connected nonetheless .. without even trying.

I mean, it does indeed sound like a trippy sort of thing. You must admit.

» The Mysterious Quantum Connection that Exists Between Two Objects, No Matter How Distant

The Nobel Prize in Physics this year was awarded to three physicists who have done "groundbreaking work in the field of Quantum Entanglement."

Nobel Prize in Physics .. I bet that looks nice on your resumé.

Quantum entanglement it is not a theory. It is a reality. A proven reality.

What do you think of this?

Because I am going to use this known physical phenomenon to establish a deeper connection with a beautiful creature .. one that evokes a deeper sense of intimacy. In case you were wondering.

» Intimacy is Cultivated in an Atmosphere of Trust and Mutual Respect

Intimacy is based on trust. You are not going to feel like opening up and just being your true self with someone you don't trust.

I mean, it's hard to go anywhere really cool in a relationship without trust. And trust takes time.

You can't make it happen. You have to let it happen.

And it's not difficult to fuck it up. Humans are fallible creatures, by definition. Very fallible.

» Intuiting the Intention of a Beautiful Creature

The part of me that likes to understand things and that tries to figure things out ..

.. this part of me has determined and decided that the reason why I am feeling you so strongly ..

.. is because I am intuiting your intentions.

This is the theory that makes the most sense to me .. based on the many little insights I have been able to glean along the way.

Of course, there's no way to know for sure exactly why I am feeling you so strongly.

But I feel confident that a big part of the reason why is because I am intuiting your intention.

» It Seems to be Happening on Its Own

I am not trying to do this, mind you. It seems to be happening on its own.

I have said similar thing about Ariana many times » "How is she dong that?" (How is she bringing that so strongly and so personally?)

Well, I think the answer is because I am intuiting her intention .. based on the things that she is expressing and communicating and sharing and bringing.

Sometimes I will wonder, "Is she doing that on purpose?" In other words, is she consciously intending to have this kind of effect on me?

Sometimes I will even write to her and ask "Are you doing this on purpose?"

A number of times I have thought, "This girl is freaking me out."

Or even, "This girl has gigantic cojones. She is not scared."

» Venturing Further Down the Erotic Road of Intuited Intention

I have discussed the topic of intuiting intention before » Feeling the Erotic Effects of Intuited Intention (Aug 2019).

And my most unwieldy title ever » Exploring the Erotic Nature of the Intuitive Connection that Follows the Focused Intention of the Artistic Soul (Oct 2019)

It is my way of explaining (myself) why I might happen to be experiencing certain things.

It is a simple-enough concept. But once you get your foot in the door, then all types of other cool things gradually appear.

I mean, if you can intuit some things, then you can intuit other things. What are the limits of experience in this area? I don't see much in the way of limits, except for the people themselves who are involved.

The curious part of me wants to proceed full steam ahead. It feels new, like a realm that needs to be explored .. in order to see more clearly exactly what is possible.

This is the end of this page. ■

To be cont'd, you can be sure.

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