I Did Not Know that Girls Like This Even Existed

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Today is first day of summer. Summer arrived at 7:57 this morning. That's early.

Today is the summer solstice. At least, for those of us living here north of the equator.

I wonder what time it is right now. I'ma go check real quick. Be right back.

Timestamp Worldclock Wednesday 21 June 2023 at 1:00 pm in San Diego

Looks like it's 1 pm. On the solstice. Longest day of the year. Shortest night. Minimum darkness. Maximum light.

(Did I just wax poetic?)

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If my calcs are correct then the sun should be directly overhead right about now down in Baja. Down in Cabo.

Map with pin in Cabo down in Baja California near Tropic of Cancer

Because they are in same time zone as San Diego, and that's where the Tropic of Cancer is.

Looking along the line of the Tropic of Cancer at the monument marker in southern Baja California

The sun would normally be directly overhead at noon. But since we're on daylight saving time, then that shifts the sun forward an hour. So it isn't directly overhead until the clocks say 1 pm.

The Tropic of Cancer is as far north as the sun gets. At 7:57 this morning, it turned around and is now heading back south.

» Walking the Sun Back to its Southern Extreme

It's heading back to the Tropic of Capricorn, to the other extreme.

World map clearly identifies Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

There is about 3,000 miles of travel between the two tropics, in case you were curious. 3,222 to be more precise.

Takes 6 months for the sun to reach its southern destination. That's 182.5 days. That's 4,380 hours.

That means the sun travels 0.74 miles per hour. That's not even 1 mph. Humans walk 3 mph.

If you walked south for 6 hours a day, you would keep pace with the sun, and always have it directly overhead at noon for the next six months.

» Walking the Harbor on the Solstice

Speaking of walking and the sun being overhead, I went for a nice walk today to celebrate the day.

I went for a walk down to the harbor .. to celebrate the arrival of a new season.

Walking the San Diego harbor

It's nice down there .. as both PnP and Inigo will tell you.

The fresh air. The smell of the ocean in the air. The salt air. The sound of gulls.

Everybody is in a good mood there. Everybody is happy to be there. Easy to see why.

» I've Known this Topic was Coming for Weeks

I knew what I wanted to write about today for a few weeks now. That was when I first had this thought, and I knew today would be a good excuse to craft a little something-something.

When I know ahead of time, then this gives me time to think about what kinds of things I might like to say.

It's like the story, the narrative, the journey, is taking shape inside. Or at least, it feels that way.

So you build it out. The writer builds out the vision of his inner story that has been forming. He begins with the first step and goes from there.

» A Mind-Blowing Thing

The topic I am talking about is the mind-blowing effect it can have on a man when he encounters women who exceed any kind of expectations he might've held.

You must admit that it is a good title. It has all the things I like in a title. It represents a formidable challenge for me.

It is a mind-blowing thing where a man must jettison his preconceived notions regarding women, and build new models that are very different from what he was previously using.

» This Thing Could Go Anywhere

We are starting with a blown mind and going from there. "Where are we going?" you ask?

I feel a sense of the unknown pressing here. Entering unknown territories can be fraught with things you weren't expecting.

If you weren't expecting them, then you can't prepare for them. Unpreparedness tends to be associated with getting one's ass kicked.

Unless one is a resourceful fellow.

» Crafting an Intergalactic Launch Pad

I already have in mind some bases I want to touch. But that would merely establish a platform from which I could launch out into some intergalactic shit.

If you think about something too much, you can psyche yourself out. So it's usually best to just go ahead and put your foot on the path with intention. And put some words on the page. Like I am doing now.

» I am Feeling Something Here

In 2017, at the end of a section titled » Recipe for Trouble, I wrote » I am feeling something here.

I wrote this statement in this section where I was talking about about the strong, confident feminine energy I saw displayed in a music video.

The unexpected surprise that prompted that statement is one of the reasons why I am writing in this direction now.

To be cont'd, of course.

This is the end of this page. ■

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