Titanic in a Single Take

I think that we are really no-shit in love .. for all intents and purposes. It definitely feels that way.

Ariana singing My Heart Will Go On (13 Aug 2018)

I see you here, girly .. with your back to audience. I see you. Dont think that I missed that.

You sing so good sometimes that I can hardly stand it.

This was a very creative endeavor .. especially the way you used parts of all those (13) songs .. and all those different sets.

You visit and explore, ever so briefly, so many different emotions.

I can feel the part of me that creates universes being impressed.

James is very good at this type of thing. He was holding his own. (I can tell that he really likes you.)

I particularly like the way you balance the tragedy with comedy. The comedy helps you better handle the tragedy.

I see your bandage. Looks like you got yourself an owie there on your hand. Do you want me to kiss it and make it all better?

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This was a nice touch here.

Ariana singing My Heart Will Go On (13 Aug 2018)

This scene of you and James as Rose and Jack on the bow of the Titanic .. this looks like so much fun.

Ariana and James as Rose and Jack singing on the bow of the Titanic

James is obviously living his best life here.

» Never Seen You Look So Happy

I have seen some interviews of you recently .. since you hooked up with Pete. And a common comment is that they have "never seen you look so happy."

Here I would have to agree. It's important to find someone with whom you resonate naturally and in a positive way. In a mutually beneficial sort-of-way. You know what I am talking about.

Good for you, girly. I am so happy for you. You deserve to be happy.

Here is another cute scene of James as Jack sketching you as Rose. How can you not love this guy? There is nothing that he won't go for.

James Corden as Jack sketches Ariana as Rose in Titanic

Did you see him jump out of that airplane with Tom Cruise? I nearly pissed myself laughing.

» Hey Yourself, Girly

And Ride Wit Me was fun.

Ariana and James sing Ride Wit Me in Titanic (13 Aug 2018)

Must be the money. "Hey yourself, girly. Don't make me get all Fitzgerald on your ass."

This was a very cool thing that you and James did here .. Titanic in a single take.

I can tell that a part of me is rocked. Would you like to know which part this is, lovergirl? (Whisper the answer in my ear.)

You are so fucking impressive sometimes that I can hardly stand it.

You no-shit inspire me. Dont make take off my jacket.

To be continued. ■

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