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This is yet another reason why justice in America continues to come out perverted for the weak and the poor and the helpless .. despite some 50 or 60 women coming forward.

Maria Farmer at Jeffrey Epstein's estate in Ohio in 1996

Justice in America is supposed to be blind .. but it's not. Sadly, justice in America is for sale .. to the highest bidder.

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This is why justice in America is a joke .. a bad joke. Rachel Maddow knows what I am talking about.

Charlie Crist knows what I am talking about.

Charlie Crist says Bill Barr lied to Congress during his testimony under oath on 9 April 2019 (posted 1 May 2019)

Carla Crowder knows what I am talking about. I bet that Laura Banks knows what I am talking about.

Laura Banks TEDx Stormont (Belfast) Making a stand against injustice and systemic discrimination (31 August 2019, video posted 9 Sept 2019)

And this is why justice continues to elude these girls, who were taken advantage of by wealthy, powerful men .. including Dershowitz ..

.. as a number of women have already credibly declared in writing .. along with hair-raisingly fine details .. despite Alan's repeated threats of retaliation against them.

Jennifer Araoz says that Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was 15 (10 July 2019)

Did you really go and chat with Epstein while he was getting a blow job? Whatever did you talk about?

» The Moral Responsibility of Every Sentient Being

This all goes back to my point that every sentient being has a moral responsibility to future generations .. to speak out against abusive behaviors that leave lasting psychic scars.

I bet that my friend Aly Raisman knows what I am talking about.

Always speak your truth says Aly Raisman's shirt in Girls Like You music video (30 May 2018)

I say this because, if men are concerned that these women might tell their tales publicly .. when they are grown and mature and emotionally stronger .. when they cannot be so easily intimidated and silenced ..

The Handmaid's Tale (1985) by the prophetic Margaret Atwood

.. then these men will be less likely to commit such abusive acts with these poor, defenseless girls. Much less likely.

I bet that Ellen knows what I am talking about.

Ellen DeGeneres urges victims of sexual assault to speak up (7 June 2019)

This is why they have a moral responsibility to speak out .. in whatever way they deem right and proper. When they are ready.

(Ashley Judd knows what I am talking about. She probably knows this better than anybody.)

I am not saying that such a thing is easy. And here I feel confident that Chanel Miller would concur. (I like her. I respect her. She puts into words things that are not easy to put into words.)

Sexual assault survivor Chanel Miller tells Gayle King that pursuing justice is an extremely brutal process (24 Sept 2019)

But it is the only way that you are going to put a stop to such things.

Meanwhile, the women of The View do not seem at all interested in helping these abused girls receive the justice they have been denied so long by a corrupt legal system that caters to the rich and the powerful ..

.. at the expense of the weak and the poor.

» Where is This So Called Proof, Alan?

Alan claims to have "proof" that these girls are being dishonest. If this is true, then let's see it, Alan. Let's see your proof.

A helpful outline of all the ways That Alan Dershowitz sucks by Esther Wang of Jezebel (29 July 2019)

Why didnt the ladies of The View challenge him on this when he made this statement? Why didnt they call his bluff? Anybody can claim that they have proof.

Let's see it. I challenge you to show your so called "proof" to David Boies. If he says that you do indeed have proof of your innocence, then I will believe it.

But I predict that we won't be seeing any such proof any time soon. We will likely see Trump's taxes before we see Dershowitz's so called proof.

» Amy Robach Says ABC Quashed a Goldmine of Reporting Done on Epstein 3 Years Ago

I wonder what Amy Robach thinks of that.

Amy Robach says ABC quashed a goldmine of reporting done on Jeffrey Epstein some 3 years ago (5 Nov 2019)

She doesnt sound very happy about it to me.

» What are the Values of the Women of The View?

So I guess that I shouldnt be so surprised that they warmly embrace Alan Dershowitz while treating Marianne Williamson like a political pariah.

I wonder what Marianne herself thinks of all this.

Their values and priorities obviously suck.

Somebody ask the ladies of The View for me » What are their values, anyway?

Why do they offer to give a voice to the rich-n-powerful, but deny a similar opportunity to the weak and the poor?

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