Taylor's First Steps into the Political Pond Signal the Approaching Apocalypse

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» A Political Statement

Oh, I see you are getting political there in Tennessee. (My brother lives on a mountain top in Tennessee.)

Taylor Swift gets political in Tennessee (8 Oct 2018)

This is a nicely-crafted statement. Kind of ballsy. Margaret says that it took lots of courage to post such a statement .. citing what happened to the Dixie Chicks.

This is how a democracy is supposed to work. We need to call out bullshit when we see it.

This whole Kavanaugh fiasco must be infuriating for women.

I saw this other video where the guy says that pretty much everything is political now (at t=2:10) .. because it has invaded so much of our life.

Trump's Reality-TV version of the White House has crept into so much of our life that it is hard to get away from. Just when you think that you've seen it all, and that this administration can't possibly go any lower .. Trump proves you wrong.

Both you and this guy who says that everything is political now .. both you and her are "going political" for the first time.

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Speaking of Margaret Renkl and Tennessee politics .. what do you think about this column titled » Legislators Are Not Stupid People. So What's Behind Their Stupid Behavior? (18 March 2019)

Subtitled » Following the Koch playbook, Tennessee keeps finding new ways to undermine the welfare of its citizens.

» Now Trump Knows How We Feel

Speaking of politics invading so much of our lives ...did you see Kanye ranting and raving like a crazy person with the cameras rolling at the White House while wearing a red MAGA hat?

Kanye rants like a crazy person with cameras rolling during visit with Trump at the White House (11 Oct 2018)

Of course you did. How could you not? This is what I mean by politics becoming hard to get away from.

Can the two sides be any more far apart? Jekyll and Hyde.

This is what happens when Reality TV comes to Washington.

The Death of Expertise: The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters (March 2017)

How far can the end of civilization be? Hey, two hundred and forty years is nothing to sneeze at.

» The Seventh Sign of the Apocalypse

Speaking of the end of civilization as we know it .. here is a piece from the LA Times (11 Oct 2018) that says:

The seventh sign of the apocalypse has arrived. It's a triangulation of illogical events that would give the "Twilight Zone's" Rod Sterling reason for pause: an urban rapper shilling for David Duke's party of choice while a country-rooted pop star advises Middle America to vote blue.

Talk about the revaluation of values.

Here is another piece titled » I Loved Kanye West and Hated Taylor Swift. Then 2018 Happened. Subtitled » Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever side with Swifties (11 Oct 2018).

» The Youth Continues to Suffer the Consequences for Shortsighted Decisions Made by People with Relatively Little Time Left to Live

What do you think, Tay, about the notion that the youth vote should be weighted incrementally more heavily?

Because they are the ones who will be required to live with the consequences of the decisions made by our elected leaders.

A graphic representation of the National Debt that the older generation is saddling the younger generation with

Trump is 72 (14 June). He is the oldest U.S. president ever.

Our democracy today is dominated by the elderly (18 Oct 2019)

He is an outlier .. in more ways than one.

Donald Trump oldest US president ever

Obama, by comparison, is only 56 .. after 8 years of a presidency. Think about it and we'll chat more later.

» Hey, Look .. There's Taylor Swift

I also saw that you snuck into your squeeze's movie premiere. (I like girls who know how to be sneaky.)

Taylor Swift attends boyfriend's movie premiere (29 Sept 2018)

That is a nice dress. Very nice. Ooh la la.

Do you feel like everybody is watching you? "Hey, look .. There's Taylor fucking Swift right there."

» Say Hi to Emma Stone for Me

Are you really friends with Emma Stone? I like everything about her.

I heard that she is dating an SNL dude. She makes my point .. that these SNL dudes get all the coolest chicks.

Emma Stone can have any guy she wants.

» Artist of the Year

I see that you won Artist-of-the-Year .. on 9 Oct 2018 at the Microsoft Theater there in Los Angeles.

Taylor Swift wins Artist-of-the-Year at 2018 AMAs Microsoft theater in LA (9 Oct 2018)

You were certainly looking very sparkly.

You seemed very poised. Content.


I must have a thing for Artists-of-the-Year. Definitely feels that way.

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