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» The System at USA Gymnastics is About the Medals, their own Reputation & Money

Aly says that the Gymnastics system in the United States is really about » the medals, their own reputation & money. (But not really about the girls themselves.) You reckon she might know?

Aly Raisman says that the US Olympics system betrayed the athletes

Nevertheless, Ben Sasse seems to be able to see only the shortcomings of the youth. (Go fuck yourself, Ben. And dont forget to take that hypocritical, piece-of-shit book with you.)

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How can girls trust the management that failed them so spectacularly? (They can't.) These management people are fuck-ups .. by definition.

Lou Anna Simon | President Michigan State University accepts no responsibility for what happened under her leadership and supervision

These so-called management people are fuck-ups because they have allowed things under their care .. under their leadership and under their supervision ..

.. they have allowed things to deteriorate to such a state .. that it boggles comprehension.

Michigan State will pay 500 million dollars to victims of sexual abuse

» It Would be Difficult to Fuck Things Up this Badly If You Tried to

Even if you tried to fuck things up this badly as the people at USA Gymnastics have .. I dont think you could do it.

If some slimy person came to me and said, "We will pay you handsome sums of money .. if you will create a system that sexually abuses 250 of the nation's most talented and dedicated young girls." ..

I would have to say, "This is not humanly possible .. no matter how much money you're willing to pay."

I happen to know a little about management.

This is why, from an intuitive perspective, the viewer feels certain that criminality must be surrounding this thing from multiple angles.

These national organizations therefore need to bring in new blood .. with people that understand the importance of values and where the real priorities lie.

And they need to rebuild these organizations from scratch, from the ground up, on the right values and priorities.

The lengthy article on this ESPN page here (dated Jan 16, 2018) is titled » Nassar surrounded by adults who enabled his predatory behavior.

Out with the old .. in with the new.

» Members of Congress Who Appear to Value NRA Money More than the Lives of Our Children

Speaking of values and priorities that are rotting from the inside out, and organizations that appear to value money more than children .. Stephanie has something of a » public service announcement for you.

Stephanie Ruhle details amounts of contributions from the NRA to members of congress

Since everybody knows that actions speak louder than words (or "thoughts and prayers") .. do not the actions of congress seem to declare that they value money from the NRA over the safety and lives of our children?

Their "thoughts and prayers" cost them nothing.

Go fuck yourself, Marco.

You are just another spineless politician like Rick Perry and David Perdue who refuses to do the right thing by America and by our children because it would offend the wealthy donors who give you millions of dollars.

The kids are calling bullshit on your slimy ass.They saying that your ass has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Choosing money over the lives and safety of children .. your values suck.

You have shitty values, Marco. I bet that Sarah will back me up here.

Sarah wants more than just 'thoughts and prayers' from the members of our government

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says that the NRA has a "chokehold on members of congress."

» Return the Blood Money to the NRA

Well, if NRA does indeed have a "chokehold" on our members of congress .. they can very easily extricate themselves from this predicament. All they need do is give the NRA their money back ..

.. just like Hillary gave Goldman Sachs its money back. Oh, wait .. you mean that she didnt return the money?

But our members of congress can still do better than Clueless Hillary. Simply return to the NRA the contributions that they received.

I mean, how hard can it be for our elected leaders to do the right thing for our children? Surely children are at the top, or near the top, of their list of priorities.

» Doesnt Sound Like an Unreasonable Request .. Compared to Other Nations

It is not like these kids are asking for very much. They simply want to be able to go to school and not have to worry about being shot in the face with a military-grade weapon that was legally purchased by a psycho teenager who countless people reported to the authorities because he said repeatedly that his life's great ambition was to shoot-up a school someday.

That doesnt seem like an unrealistic aspiration to me. I bet that John Oliver would agree. And Chris Murphy.

» Their Actions Speak to Where their True Priorities and Values Lie

Do the profits of gun manufacturers really mean more to our elected leaders than the lives of our children? It certainly seems that way.

I bet that Emma Gonzalez knows exactly what I am talking about here.

Emma Gonzalez, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, gives a speech at a rally at the Broward County Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale 17 Feb 2018

The youth of today gives me hope .. for the future. I might have to give her my speech.

This is why I say that the place where wealthy people put money into the hands of our elected leaders .. this is the exact point of corruption in our society today.

It is the signature defect in our society today, and the root cause of why our country is so fucked up, and why America only works for a small fraction of its citizens.

This is exactly why our elected members of congress fail to take action on things that 95% of the American people agree action is needed and where the vast majority of Americans say that they want action taken.

This is exactly why our elected leaders ignore the wishes and desires of a nearly unanimous majority of American people, and instead cater fawningly to every whim of the wealthy.

Our elected leaders claim that this money doesnt affect their decisions .. yet they refuse to return the money.

I challenge our members of congress to return the NRA's blood money .. just like I challenged Hillary to return Wall Street's money to them. I challenge our members of congress to embrace the values and the priorities of the American people.

» What Better Time to Clean House and Reject Dysfunctional Values?

And, really .. what better time to do this thing .. than the beginning of a New Millennium?

What better time to reject the clearly dysfunctional values of the currently governing generation?

Results of 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses among voters under 30 (at t=4:30)

What better time to usher in the New Age .. with some values that are actually worth a fuck?

What better time to fashion a culture that understands the importance of protecting the weak and the poor and the helpless?

Instead of taking advantage of them and fucking them over for decades and decades? I think that they have had enough time to fix the problem. Don't you?

Did you know that Trump is the oldest U.S. president ever?

Donald Trump oldest US president ever

I want future generations to look back and say, "Thank God for this generation." And not, "What a bunch of fuck-ups. What a bunch of money-worshipping fuck-ups."

Results of a Quinnipiac poll of 18-34-year olds taken January 2018

Out with the old values .. which failed these girls so spectacularly for so long. In with the new values .. which Rachael will be more than happy to detail for you.

If you happen to see her, tell her that I said, "Hey." (She knows what that means.)

Oh look .. she has her own piece in the Times. I told you that she was coming for them. She's just getting warmed up. Wait until she takes off her jacket.

» People Can Mislead with Their Mouths but Actions Reveal True Values

On the subject of values that are rotting from the inside out and women being abused by men .. at t=14:20 in this video, Princeton professor Eddie Glaude says:

"We have to look at this moment as an indication of what they VALUE. What's valued, or who is valued. So in the Lindy West piece in the NY Times, there's this moment where [John] Kelly wants to say that [Rob] Porter is perhaps the most competent staff member he has .. that he wants to keep him. And there's this talk about how excellent he is. And in fact he's excellent in relation to what? And to whom? And so the value is, we're going to take competence, baseline competence, over the fact that the guy beats women, or is accused of beating women. And so what we're going to see is that there's a consistent strand .. a continuity between what we see in their actions and how it reflects what they actually value, and how it is related to their character."

The actions of those involved in this scandal state that they didnt care that Rob Porter punched his wife in the face .. as long as nobody finds out about it.

Rob Porter punched his wife in the face

Moreover, the fact that they thought nobody would find out about his spousal abuse is an obvious strategic miscalculation that demonstrates how the White House is making bad decisions that is creating their own chaos.

Such a decision - to dismiss a man who punches women in the face - should be a no-brainer. No?

I bet that Jenny agrees with me here.

» Three Years Out

Speaking of values and the things that we value .. I am 3 years out today. I feel grateful to be alive .. no-shit grateful. I never felt like this before cancer.

I took the passage of seasons, and of the years, for granted. The seasons and the years seem to mean more to me now.

I bet that Selena knows exactly what I am talking about here.

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